“COVID Positive, Mood & Spirit – Super Positive” is what Bollywood actor Sonu Sood confirmed today. In an ironic news, the actor well known for his relief efforts to those who are needy during the pandemic, has himself contracted the highly infectious COVID-19 virus.

The actor took to Twitter and wrote, “Covid – positive. Mood & spirit – super positive. Hi everyone, this is to inform you that i have tested positive this morning for Covid -19 as a part of precautions I have already quarantined myself & taking utmost care, but don’t worry this gives me ample time to solve your problems remember I’m always there for you all.”

Sood gets his first jab of vaccination

On April 7, 2021, Sood took to Twitter to share with the people of the country that he has received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. He shared a picture in which he could be seen receiving the vaccine and wrote, “Got my vaccine today and now it’s time to get whole of my country vaccinated. Started the biggest vaccination drive Sanjeevani which will bring awareness and get our people vaccinate.”

After the announcement of being tested COVID-19 positive, the comment section of the post was flooded by Twitteratis expressing concern for the actor.

“Get Well Soon” and “Sonu Sood” Trends on Twitter

“Get well soon” and “Please take care of yourself” was all one could read when they scrolled down the comment section. The announcement was such a surprise that within half-an hour, Sonu Sood and Get Well Soon was trending on Twitter.

It’s no wonder that Sood has been garnering popularity and love among the masses. Since the onset of the pandemic in March 2020, he has made several efforts in reaching out to the needy and giving them a helping hand.

“Feeling helpless”: Sood after not being able to arrange more beds, medicines

Just recently, he took to Twitter and shared how he has been feeling helpless lately as he was unable to arrange more hospital meds and medicines to the COVID-19 patients.

Sonu in his tweet wrote, “Since morning I haven’t kept my phone down, thousands of calls from all over India for HOSPITAL BEDS, MEDICINES, INJECTIONS and still not able to provide to many of them, I feel so helpless. The situation is scary, pls stay at home, wear mask and prevent yourself from infection.”

He further fired away another tweet saying, “All said and done, I am still on it, I am sure together we can save many more lives. It’s time not to blame anyone but to come forward for a needy who needs your help. Try to provide medical needs to the ones who don’t have an access. LETS SAVE LIVES TOGETHER. Always there for u.”

Sonu Sood face of the Punjab vaccination Programme

In a recent development, the Punjab government also announced that Sonu Sood is the face of the COVID-19 vaccination programme in the state. Punjab CM Captain Amrinder Singh met the Bollywood actor at his residence and then took the decision.

“There is no one more ideally suited to inspire and influence people to take the vaccine. There is a lot of hesitancy among people here in Punjab. Sonu’s popularity among them, and his exemplary role in helping tens of thousands of migrants reach safely home since the pandemic broke out last year, will help counter their reservations,” said the chief minister.

The Punjab CM also added “When people hear this Punjab da puttar talk about benefits of the vaccine, and how safe and essential it is, they will believe him. Because they trust him.”

The Dabanng actor earned a lot of praise from people on social media in 2020 when he made several efforts to reach out to the needy. Not only did he arrange buses and food for the migrants who were stranded during the lockdown. He also went on to launch toll-free helpline for migrants in need.

Moreover, he was also lauded on Twitter when he offered his own hotel in Mumbai for frontline workers working in healthcare to stay.