The hackers gained access to the social media accounts of doctors in the city. Along with the Doctor, two other doctors and one businessman have complained that their WhatsApp chats have been hacked in Kolkata.

Hackers can access anyone’s WhatsApp data in various ways.

“Even If you get any call or message saying they are from the technical support team, please do not click on the URL sent by unknown contacts, do not share WhatsApp verification code,” a cyber cell investigating officer said.

For starters, WhatsApp never messages you, not even to remind you to update the app or sync a new phone.”

This incident happened on 6 February, when an ENT specialist Arjun Dasgupta was targeted. In the evening, around 7:00 pm they came to know that he could not send messages.

Dasgupta said- “I received the first call from a well-wisher asking me why I needed financial assistance and how he could help. Over the next few hours, until midnight, I kept receiving calls from my contacts. They all said that they had received the same message stating that I was in trouble and in need of financial help. The hacker was active and kept sending messages until midnight.”

Dasgupta also informed that 7th February, WhatsApp had responded and blocked the number. 

Meanwhile, To avoid such incidents, Administration will start a door-to-door cyber campaign in each police station through multiple stakeholders such as NGOs, educational institutions, banks, and telecom companies.

Such a one-month pilot run was so successful in Behala that it would now become a permanent feature. Cyber cells will be started in all the nine police divisions.

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