In a moment of absolute ‘from crorepati to roadpati’, a video has emerged showing sisters-in-law from affluent family in Rajasthan fell in drain while fighting as onlooker watched the whole ordeal intently. According to reports, the two women in the video belong to a rich and reputed family in Rajasthan’s Ajmer.

In the video gone viral, the two women can be seen throwing punches and shoving each other even when they have fallen into a drain. Meanwhile, instead of helping them out or intervening, the family members and onlookers simply see the drama unfold before their eyes.

A Dainik Bhaskar report stated that Rajasthan-based petrol pump owner Narendra Kumawat has been under constant feud with his deceased brother’s family for the ownership of property and petrol pump for a long time. Earlier last week, the deceased brother’s widow, and her family, took to the disputed property and confronted the family of Narendra Kumawat.

Clearly not the one to let bygones be bygones, Kumawat’s wife retaliated and soon a physical altercation ensued between the sisters-in-law. The two women pulled each other’s hair in the middle of the street, shoved each other and rained punches. This continued even after they fell into a drain.

Both the parties have filed a police complaint against each other over assault charges.

The Facts of the Matter

One would assume that long gone are days when people locked horns on street when it came to matters of property and such. Thanks to increase in awareness due to social media, people now take other routes to legally get their share of disputed properties. However, in Rajasthan, time turned back a couple of decades when two sisters-in-laws got their claws out during a property dispute altercation. The entire ordeal was caught on video, visuals of which are going viral.

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What Did the Video Show?

The video gone viral shows two women trying to lock each other in their arms even after falling inside a drain with onlookers. The caption of the video shared on Twitter highlights that the two women are sisters-in-law who are fighting over property dispute. In the video shows the women trying to attack each other by punching each other and pulling hair. Meanwhile, bystanders on the both sides are heard adding fuel to the fire instead of intervening. At one point in the video, men from the two families jump in the drain and add more drama in the already high-octane video.

Watch the Video Here:

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What Caused the Altercation

According to reports, the entire ordeal between the two women transpired over a disputed petrol pump. Narendra Kumawat and his deceased brother both came from extremely rich family in Rajasthan. After Kumawat’s brother’s death, a dispute has continued between the families of the two over the ownership of the petrol pump.

Deceased brother’s widow Sangeeta Kumawat had earlier reached the petrol pump on Thursday with the members of her maternal family and confronted the family members of Narendra Kumawat. What followed was a heated argument.

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Families File Police Complaint Against Each Other

Soon, the two women from the families got involved in a physical altercation. From pulling each other’s hair to punching and kicking, these women showed no mercy to each other. At one point, they even fell into a drain. However, the fight followed in the drain.

The conflict fizzed out after the police rushed to the scene and intervened. Meanwhile, both the brothers have filed complaints at the police station against each other, citing physical assault, harassment, and vandalism.


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