Cuttputlli, the latest film by Pooja Entertainment, is now streaming on the OTT platform Disney+Hotstar. It features Akshay Kumar and Rakul Preet Singh. Akshay Kumar’s latest thriller is captivating, but it doesn’t offer anything new than the original classic ‘Ratsasan.’ Cuttputtli is a decent remake of Ratsasan with specific merits and flaws but won’t disgruntle admirers of Akshay Kumar or of suspense thrillers.


Cuttputlli is an official remake of the Tamil epic Ratsasan; however, the original movie’s running time was 2 hours 50 minutes; the directors have trimmed it to 2 hours 14 minutes. Following Sooryavanshi, Akshay Kumar again dons the police uniform and does a decent job wearing it. Cuttputlli’s setting and atmosphere are among its notable elements. The twisty streets of Kasauli, shot in rural locations with traditional homes, take on a life of their own. It increases the story’s entire appeal.

Cuttputlli is a taut, gripping thriller that won’t let you blink for its entire 120 minutes runtime. No, it does when the lead couple enters a dreamlike song and dance routine. Yet, we are puzzled as to why that song was required, especially given that it occurs shortly after Arjan’s (Akshay Kumar) niece has been freed from the clutches of her perverted teacher.

Cuttputlli Star cast: Akshay Kumar, Rakul Preet Singh, Sargun Mehta, Chandrachur Singh

Cuttputlli Director: Ranjit M. Tewari

Netizens’ views of Cuttputlli were mixed; some commended the cast’s acting, while others claimed that the song had been stuffed with needless Masala tunes. Furthermore, several online users claimed that the Akshay Kumar-starring film is a disappointment compared to the original. Let’s check out the reviews :


The film’s primary focus is a psychopath killer who primarily attacks school girls and tricks the mind of his victims and the law. The search for him is conducted by a police officer named Arjan Sethi (Akshay Kumar).

Script Analysis

The first half is dedicated to setting the stage for all the twists and chills in the following portions. But the second portion could have been handled without a melody because it serves as one of the few storyline deviations that take us from the realm of thrills to the fantasy world. In some instances, Cuttputlli appears tiresome due to the dialogue, Aseem Arora’s screenplay, or flaws.

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Star Performance

Akshay Kumar makes his performance appear relatively seamless by bringing a sense of urgency and hopelessness. In terms of supporting characters, Chandrachur and Hrishitaa don’t have much to do. Sargun Mehta does a fine job of portraying a senior police officer. Gurpreet Ghuggi and Shahid Lateef perform well in their roles as police officers, whereas Sujith Shanker, who represents Purushottam Tomar, makes the character as nasty as possible. Rakul Preet Singh, a glamorous and passionate schoolteacher, is just reduced to the hero’s romantic interest.

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Direction & Music

Ranjit M. Tewari needs to evaluate his project from a sizeable perspective and address the shortcomings and challenges. However, Cuttputlli is an acceptably packaged thriller in and of itself; any comparison to the original is a farce. The drama never contributes anything additional to what Ratsasan delivered to its viewers. It merely attempts to replicate the original movie’s atmosphere, which is precisely where it lacks. Overall, the film will be able to keep you captivated, but only if you watch it with a free mind and without having watched the original.


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