In a heartwarming news of a daily wage labourer turned YouTuber, Isak Munda, an Orrisa man, is now earning lakhs of rupees with ‘Isak Munda Eating’ his channel on the largest video sharing and hosting platform in the world. With some interesting into the watching behavior of people, and sincerity of posting videos consistently, the daily work from small village has amassed as many as 741,000 subscribers.


The COVID-19 induced lockdown in the nation was a challenge that was never anticipated – and hence, dealt with ways that were unimaginable. Several thousands of Indians lost their lives, while their near and dear ones, lost their livings, their savings and their basic essential means of living.

Meet Isak Munda – He Eats Things!

However, a daily wage labourer – Isak Munda – is a shining example of turning crisis into opportunity. While most people managed to pass their time by binging on videos on YouTube and shows on OTT platforms, Munda went one step ahead and started his own YouTube channel.

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The Eureaka Moment for Isak

The daily wage labourer from Sambalpur, Orrisa used to watch YouTube videos on his friend’s cellphone. He observed that some of his friends liked watching food bloggers on YouTube. After watching the content these bloggers churned out – the inspirational young man decided to give his own spin to the content genre.

Taking Loan – Shooting first Video – Getting Rs. 37,000

Isak took a loan of Rs. 3,000 and shared his first ever video where he had recorded himself eating a full plate of rice without enough curry. In that video, Munda recorded himself the boiled rice with some raw tomato, some green leaves, some chilies and nearly not enough dal. The video of Isak enjoying his meal despite any comfort struck a chord among the viewers.

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Rice & Indian sambar fast eating

Video Courtesy: isak munda eating

The algorithm of the platform and his efforts worked out in a way where within hours he had garnered several comments, all supportive. Isak took the appreciation as encouragement and decided to continue shooting videos and posting them on YouTube. For his first video, Isak received a sum of Rs. 37,000 in his account and just 3 months in, he got Rs. 5 lakhs.

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Wife and Children also Join Isak in Video

In his future videos, Isak included his wife Sabita, the couple’s four daughters – Monisa, Monica, Mahima and their son Pabitra. Some of his most popular videos are titled – ‘Lunch Odisha Rice & tamatar baigan chatni eating’, Spicy ‘Kurkure challenge eating my son & daughter’, ‘pani bhat eating Onion’ and more. All these videos have amassed over 2 million views with the first video mentioned above having 5.1 million views and growing.

Lunch Odisha Rice & tamatar baigan chatni eating

Mutton Masala | Odisha sahg bhaja & desi rice eating 

Spicy Kurkure challenge eating my son & daughter

Video Courtesy: isak munda eating

The Ever Growing Numbers

Since starting his channel, Isaak has already uploaded 261 videos on his channel and has a subscriber base of 7.29 lakhs that is consistently growing. In the video, he speaks in regular Hindi with an Odia dialect and effortlessly shows the serenity of the village life, the culture of Odiya villages and the people living within their means due to poverty.

“I’ve studied only up to the seventh standard. So, I thought I could make videos on my own community, culture and lifestyle in my village. I also show how we collect wild mushrooms and eat bamboo shoots so that people in India and abroad get to know of the simple life we live,”

-said Munda in one of his interviews.

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“Happy to be no longer seeking daily-wage work”: Isak Munda

Meanwhile, Isak’s goal of sharing videos on YouTube is not solely to earn money. He claims that he wants to let people know about the local culture around him and the issues that people around him are faced with.

However, thanks to the power of technology, and the growing subscriber base he has – Isaak claims that he no longer has to look for daily wage jobs.

“In August 2020, I received ₹ 5 lakh income from YouTube. “I have built a house with the money and bailed out my family from the financial crisis. I am happy to be no longer seeking daily-wage work as a labourer,”

-he said.