In a still evolving development, the wife of a Dawood Ibrahim’s aid threw rape allegations on cricketers Munaf Patel, Hardik Pandya and Congress leader Rajiv Shukla. The alleged victim has been identified as Rehnuma Bhati, wife of Riyaz Bhati who was a partner-in-crime to most-wanted criminal Dawood Ibrahim and was accused of extortion, forgery, etc.

The update comes just a few days after NCP spokesperson Nawab Malik alleged that BJP MLA Devendra Fadnavis helped Riyaz Bhati. Malik was quoted by media asking, “Who is Riyaz Bhati? He was caught with a fake passport and is linked to Dawood. He was let off in two days. He was seen at functions with you (Fadnavis) and even at BJP events.”


The world of politics, sports, entertainment all overlap on one ever arching theme – underworld. In India, cricket fetches a huge amount of money, triggering lurking figures in the underworld to indulge in betting, and trap cricketers in them. Most wanted gangster Dawood Ibrahim and his arch nemesis Chhota Rajan have both been accused of splurging money in betting.

Meanwhile, the Indian entertainment industry’s relationship with gangsters is as old as the industry itself. The origins of the connections can be traced back to gangsters becoming the financier to a lot of filmmakers.

Recently, a new allegation by the wife of a veteran gangster shows to what extent these industries overlap.

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The Facts of the Matter

Rehnuma Bhati, wife of Dawood Ibrahim’s close aid Riyaz Bhati, has made some astonishing allegations that may ruin the careers of prominent sportspersons, if proven true.

Munaf Patel, Hardik Pandya, Rajeev Shukla Alleged of Rape

In her complaint filed at the Santacruz police station, Rehnuma has alleged rape and molestation by cricketers Munaf Patel, Hardik Pandya. She also alleged that she was raped and molested by Congress leader Rajeev Shukla and businessman Prithviraj Kothari. She also accused her own husband Riyaz Bhati of marital rape.

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No FIR Filed by Police, Victim Claims “Was Asked to Pay Money”

Incidentally, the Santacruz Police Station has not filed an FIR yet. The alleged victim reportedly took to the police and filed the complaint back in September. A report from The Print quoted the alleged victim saying, “I have been trying to get police to register an FIR, but they aren’t complying. My application was submitted in September, it is already November now.”

She further alleged that after reaching out to people on multiple levels of the hierarchy, she was told to give money. “Why should I spread corruption? I am right in my place. They are the ones who are criminals,” the victim added.

Meanwhile, ANI reported sources claiming that since evidences have not been found, no FIR has been filed. “The matter is under investigation ever since the complaint was registered by Rehnuma Bhati. But so far, we have not found evidence with regard to the allegations,” a report by ANI added.

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Who is Riyaz Bhati?

To say that RIyaz Bhati has a long list of cases against him will be an understatement. A man with links to most-wanted gangster Dawood Ibrahim, Bhati has cases of extortion, cheating, forgery, firing, land grabbing against him.

Earlier this year, Riyaz Bhati was named among one of the accused along with Mumbai top cop Param Bir Singh and encounter specialist Sachin Vaze. It was alleged that Bhati extorted crores of rupees from bars and restaurants on Vaze’s direction.

Earlier in 2020, he was attempting to flee India and take to Saudi Arabia, a move that was in direct violation of his bail conditions. Similarly, back in 2015, he was trying to flee from India to South Africa and was arrested from the airport.