Days after the Ghaziabad incident, another pet dog attack was reported from Noida where a man was attacked in a similar fashion in lift of the housing society. The incident comes just a few days after a pet dog attacked a small child in Ghaziabad with the video of the attack clearly showing the pet owner unmoved despite the child wincing in pain due to the bite.

The latest incident was reported from Noida’s Apex Athena society located in Sector 75 of Noida. The entire dog attack was captured on CCTV camera, visuals of which are going viral on social media. In the video, a dog can be seen being held by a leash by its owner. A man is also standing in the lift, and manages to distance himself from the dog who appears to be already in an agitated state.

The doors of the elevator open up and the boy with dog leash is about to exit. However, all hell breaks loose as the dog pounces on the man. Due to the sudden attack, the man tumbles and falls on the lift floor. Meanwhile, the pet owner drags the agitated dog out of the lift.

Earlier in the Ghaziabad incident, the pet owner caught on cam was punished with a fine of Rs 5,000.

The Facts of the Matter

Days after a child was bitten by a pet dog and its owner received flak on social media for her conduct, another similar incident was reported. This time, a pet dog attacked a man in Noida. The incident is eerily similar to the Ghaziabad attack, and occurred in similar fashion with the man being attacked in the lift of the housing society.

The incident was brought to the fore by a Twitter user who shared the CCTV footage from the lift. “Another attack at Apex Athen Sector 75, Medicine delivery guy from max bliss white house attacked by dog,” the tweet read.

The Twitter user also tagged Noida Police, and other senior officials of the Noida police, urging them to take cognizance of the matter and file an FIR.

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What Does the Video Show?

In the video gone viral, a boy can be seen holding his pet dog by leash and standing in the corner of a lift. Another man can be seen standing close to the lift’s entrance with ample of distance between the dog. The lift comes to a halt and the man tries to leave the elevator. However, within seconds, the leashed dog lunges forward and attacks the man. The boy drags away the out-of-control dog out of the lfit while the other man lies on the lift floor, after stumbling down due to the sudden attack. It remains unreported whether the man was bitten.

Watch the Video here:

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Netizens React to Noida Pet Dog Attacking Man

Netizens expressed their concerns regarding the incident and urged authorities to take action regarding the increase in dog attacks.

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Ghaziabad Pet Owner Confronts Father of Boy Who Was Attacked

Earlier, a young boy was bitten by a pet dog in a lift of a Ghaziabad residential society.

In one of the videos gone viral, the woman can be seen having a confrontation with the boy’s father. The child’s father can be heard confronting the woman and claiming that she refused him to tell her apartment number. He also alleged that the woman asked him if he didn’t have “manners to speak to a woman” and further alleged him of “following her”.


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