Deepti Sharma’s ‘Mankad’ recently divided the cricket fraternity, and Harmanpreet Kaur’s savage reply did the job of adding fuel to the fire. The ‘Mankad’ way of running out a batsman has always divided cricketers and viewers alike. While some consider it perfectly fine as it is in the ambit of the ICC rules, others consider it against the “spirit of the game”.

So, when bowler Deepti Sharma ran Charlotte Dean out, and defeated England women’s cricket team, it invoked a tonnes of responses in no time. Former Indian men’s cricket team opener Virendra Sehwag tore into the England’s cricket team and their reaction to the run-out. “Funny to see so many English guys being poor losers”, the swashbuckling batter tweeted.

Meanwhile, Indian women cricket team skipper Harmanpreet Kaur gave a dominating response during her post-match interview. When asked about the run-out, Kaur replied, “I thought you’ll ask about all the 10 wickets which was not easy to take as well. It’s part of the game. I don’t think we’ve done something new.”

“It shows your awareness, what batters are doing. I’ll back my players, she hasn’t done something outside the rules. At the end of the day a win is a win & we will take that,” she added.

The Facts of the Matter

Jhulan Goswami’s last game in International women’s cricket was recently overshadowed by Deepti Sharma – Charlotte Dean row. The runout, infamously known as ‘Mankad’, triggered massive outpour on Twitter with reactions ranging from – “This is against the spirit of the game” to “She did nothing wrong as this is in the ambit of the rules.”

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Deepti Sharma – Charlie Dean Runout Row

In the 44th over of the India – England game, Deepti Sharma went to her bowling end and approached batter with her usual stride. However, in no time, she was attacked with boos and encouraged with loud cheers. She got the better of Charlie Dean, who had come way ahead of the non-striker’s end, and wasted no time to whip the bails off with grace.

Watch the Video here:

Charlie Dean was shocked at Deepti Sharma’s attempt at running her out. Meanwhile, her teammates in the dressing room had a look of shock, which transformed into anger, and then into petty disappointment, all within five-seconds. Dean simply let her bat go on the ground and was in tears. In the end, India won the game by 16 runs.

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Cricketing Fraternity Left Divided

The incident drew divided cricketing fraternity across the world. Former Indian men’s team opener Virendra Sehwag took a sly dig at the England fans for criticizing Deepti Sharma for her successful run-out attempt. “Funny to see so many English guys being poor losers”, Sehwag tweeted.

Indian ace-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin, who himself committed to such run-outs in the past (his 2019 ‘Mankad’ dismissal from while playing for Chennai Superkings in IPL comes to the mind), gave a witty reaction on Twitter

“Why the hell are you trending Ashwin? Tonight is about another bowling hero @Deepti_Sharma06,” his tweet read.

Meanwhile, England ace pace-bowler Stuart Broad shared his sarcastic reaction to the entire debate. “I find the debate of the Mankad really interesting. So many views from either side. I personally wouldn’t like to win a match like that, also, very happy for others to feel differently,” he tweeted.

Meanwhile, England wicketkeeper batter Sam Billings did not hold back and tweeted, “There’s surely not a person who has played the game that thinks this is acceptable? Just not cricket…”

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“Will back my players..”: Harmanpreet Kaur

While the debate remains unsettled, Indian women’s team skipper Harmanpreet Kaur backed Deepti Sharma and gave her reaction to the incident during a post-match interview. When asked to give her reaction about the ‘Mankad’ incident, she said that the other wickets were also “not easy” to take, and added that she was under the impression that she would be asked about them as well.

“It’s part of the game. We have not done anything new. It is part of the ICC rules and it just shows your awareness. I will back my players and at the end of the day, a win is a win,” she added.


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