A Delhi-based auto driver’s presence of mind and courage foiled a kidnapping attempt. The auto driver successfully obstructed the abductor’s car on the road where the kidnapping victim managed to overpower one of the abductors while the others fled the scene. The high-octane drama was reported from Delhi’s Kalkaji area and occurred earlier on Sunday. The courageous auto driver who foiled the abduction attempt was identified as Vikram, while the accused were identified as Anuradha alias Preeti and Iqrar Ali.

According to reports, Anuradha and Iqrar had hatched a plot to kidnap Javed and extort money from him. Anuradha and Javed had been connected on WhatsApp and she had tried to kidnap him with his associates twice before. However, as Javed never showed up to meet Anuradha as per their plans, the accused remained unsuccessful.

On Sunday, when Javed finally came to meet Anuradha, her associates pushed him in the car and tried to flee as soon as possible. An agitated Javed raised an alarm inside the car, and caught the attention of an auto driver, Vikram.

Vikram decided to not waste a single moment, and chased the accused’s car, and then obstructed it near a petrol pump. Somehow, Javed managed to overpower Anuradha, and her associates fled the scene.

Anuradha was later arrested and her associates are on the run.

The Facts of the Matter

One moment and one decision is all it takes for a person to go down a road where they can either be a hero, or let the moment go and be a spectator of a tragic incident. In one such incident, a Delhi-based auto driver decided to back his courage, and use his presence of mind to foil a kidnapping attempt.

The incident was reported from Delhi’s Kalkaji area and occurred on Sunday last week.

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Woman Honey Trapped Victim, Tries to Kidnap him

According to reports, the accused Anuradha and Iqrar Ali were attempting to kidnap one Javed, and extort money from him. Anuradha had tried to honey trap Javed, and make him meet her, and had planned that when Javed would come to see her, her associates would kidnap her.

However, thanks to auto-driver Vikram’s courage and presence of mind, the kidnapping attempt was foiled.

Befriending Victim, Luring him to Meet Female Accused

According to reports, Anuradha had befriended Javed on Instagram about a month ago. Knowing about Javed’s background, she and her associates tried to kidnap him twice before. However, as Javed didn’t show up as per the plans, they remained empty handed.

On Sunday, Javed finally came to meet Anuradha as per the plans, near the Kalkaji Metro Station. On arriving at the spot, he found Anuradha in a car, sitting in the driver’s seat.

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Kidnapping Attempt at Gunpoint

The moment he sat on the front passenger seat, Anuradha’s associate Iqrar Ali overpowered Javed on gunpoint.

With Javed overpowered on gunpoint, the car moved towards the Mathura road. An agitated Javed raised an alarm, which caught the attention of Vikram, an auto-driver.

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Auto Driver Saves the Day, One Accused Arrested

Without wasting a moment, Vikram obstructed the fleeing car with his auto, near a petrol pump.

Soon, Javed overpowered Anuradha, and her co-accused fled the scene. Anuradha was later arrested and confessed to the crime. A case was subsequently registered, and the co-accused were identified. A manhunt has been initiated to nab the accused.


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