A Delhi-based YouTuber tied pet dog with several helium balloons to make it ‘fly’ and was eventually arrested for animal cruelty. The pet dog called ‘dollar’ was seen in the now deleted youtube video to be tied with a bunch of helium balloons and left in the air to see if it ‘flies’.


In a world where content is said to be the king, certain content creators go to disastrous and illegal means to create a vlog, make an Instagram reel, or post tweets that incite hatred. In one such incident, Gaurav Sharma from Delhi was arrested today after he posted a video on YouTube where he tied his pet dog Dollar with helium balloons and saw how it floated in the air. After his eminent arrest, Sharma received tremendous backlash on Twitter and YouTube and eventually he posted another video where he apologized for his act.

One should note that the video was shot and uploaded last week. After an animal-welfare group called People For Animals registered a complaint against Sharma at the Malviya Nagar Police Station, the arrest against Sharma was finally made.

Atul Kumar, the DCP in charge claimed that a complaint was received by the police from People For Animals that alleged that Sharma put his pet’s life at risk. DCP Kumar further said-

“We registered an FIR under sections of Disaster Management Act and Prevention to Cruelty to Animal Act. The accused, a resident of Panchseel Vihar in Malviya Nagar has been arrested. He told us he is a YouTuber and made the video for his channel.”

It should be noted that Gaurav Sharma has over 4 million YouTube subscribers and had posted the video earlier on May 21. It was after the fact that Sharma received a lot of crticism in the comments section of the video that he deleted it and uploaded a video apology where he said that “all the safety measures” were taken while making the video.

Gaurav Sharma’s video that led to his arrest

In the video uploaded on the channel ‘GauravZone’, Sharma was seen sitting on the roof of a car. Later in the video, he lifted his pet dog Dollar up in the air and left him floating in the air as the pet was tied with a bunch of helium filled balloons.

“Upper body is flying a little”, Sharma was heard in the video as he narrated the entire act. A lot of users also criticised the way Sharma and her mother celebrated the ‘successful’ act.

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Delhi YouTuber seeks apology after deleting the video

After the video started making the rounds of internet, for all the wrong reasons, the netizens came together and slammed the video to be outrageous and criticized Sharma for his insensitivity towards his own pet dog. After receiving several hundred dislikes and several negative comments,

Sharma deleted the video and later uploaded a video in which he apologized, said he was influenced by content from YouTubers from other countries and said that he had taken all kinds of safety measures.

“Before making the video, I took all safety measures. I had said the same in the video as well but didn’t upload the raw footage as it would have increased its duration. It was a mistake and all I want to say is that I had made the video with safety measures. I posted the wrong kind of content under the influence of foreign YouTubers. I apologize if I have hurt anyone’s sentiments. I treat Dollar like a child and those who’re getting influenced by such content, please don’t do so,”

-said Sharma in his apology videos.

However, the apology seemed to infuriate the netizens further as people commented that rather than issuing an apology, he should have made a video where he should’ve showed the kind of safety precautions he took while shooting the video.