In a bid to alleviate the oxygen issues that citizens of national capital are facing, Delhi CM Kejriwal announced Oxygen Concentrator Banks. Kejriwal also gave a relatively reliving news and announced that daily active cases have dropped to 6,500 in the national capital. While the nation is fighting the second wave of the deadly panic, states like Delhi, Kerala and Maharashtra have made efforts that other states can replicate to cut the chain of transmission.


A few weeks ago, Delhi was dealing with the immense crisis of registering the greatest number of cases in India. At one point, the national capital overtook Maharashtra and became the worst-hit COVID-19 region in the country. Several hospitals in Delhi in the past few weeks have also raised SOS calls due to lack of oxygen supply.


On Saturday, May 15, the Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party leader announced that the city in the past 24 hours recorded 6,500 fresh COVID-19 cases. This number is relatively lower than the number Delhi reported 17,000 cases nearly one month back on April 16. Prior to that Delhi was reporting even higher number of daily new cases and had almost reached the 23,000 mark in late March.

Kejriwal announced that the national capital’s current COVID-19 positivity rate has further dipped to only 11% on Friday which was 1% lower than Thursday.

“I want to share good news with you”: Kejriwal while announcing cases going down

“I want to share good news with you. In the past 24 hours, Delhi has registered less than 10,000 new COVID-19 cases. The infection rate is only 12% today. On April 22 the infection rate had surged to 36%. This means that a smaller number of people are getting infected. We can see that the impact of the virus is lessening in Delhi. A total of 1,000 new ICU beds were set up within 15 days and I thank the doctors and engineers who worked to make this possible,”

-the Delhi CM said in his virtual press briefings.

200 oxygen concentrator banks in all major regions in Delhi

One of the major announcements came in the form of Kejriwal revealing that in all major locality of Delhi, oxygen concentrator banks (OCBs) have set been set up and these banks will be delivering the oxygen concentrators to patients at their homes. “Every region has an OCB with 200 concentrators. We will have our officials deliver the concentrators within two hours of ordering to the patients who are in urgent need of oxygen supply and are isolating at homes,” Kejriwal announced.

He also added that after the patients recover, these concentrators will be taken back to the banks, sanitized and then will be made in use for other patients in need. Kejriwal said that those patients who are not part of the Delhi’s home isolation group can call 1031 and be part of the group.

After being the part of the group, these patients can avail the oxygen concentrator service. However, it should be noted that doctors will first need to verify if the patients are in fact in need for the service, and if they do so, they will receive oxygen concentrators.

Delhi govt to bear education expense of children who lost their parents to COVID-19

Earlier this week, Delhi’s Aam Aadmi Party had announced that the Delhi govt will be bearing the cost of bringing up and educating the children who have lost their parents to COVID-19.

In his regular press briefing, the Delhi CM said how the country had seen severely difficult days recently. He further said how there have been families that have seen multiple deaths and children have also lost both tier parents.

Kejriwal further said that he understands the pain of these people and stands in support with them. He then announced-

“Every single child that has lost both the parents will be educated and the cost of their education will be borne by the Delhi govt. We will take care of them.”

The AAP leader also urged the neighbours and families of such children to take care of these children. He reaffirmed the faith of the citizens of Delhi by ending the announcement with Main Hoon Naa (I’m here)!

He also appreciated the people of the national capital who have been diligently following the rules of the lockdown and are contributing in bringing down the cases. However, he further cautioned against carelessness and said that if one becomes careless again and doesn’t follow the safety norms and guidelines, the cases may start rising again.