A Delhi-based cop is garnering applause for reportedly jumping into drain to catch an ATM thief. The high-octane mission of nabbing the accused was accomplished successfully and the accused in the matter was identified as 25-year-old Arjun, alias Pandit. The incident took place earlier in Burari area of Delhi. The accused was found to have a history of drug abuse and was arrested before as a preventive measure.

As per a TOI report, earlier on wee hours of Saturday, the accused was trying to break into an ATM in Pradhan Enclave. He had covered the CCTV and had dismounted the surveillance camera. However, the e-surveillance team in Navi Mumbai had gotten an alert earlier at 2 am and had alerted the PCR command room of Delhi Police.

The night checking officer of the north district in turned alerted SHO Prasad, who was out on a night patrol. During patrol, he saw the accused running towards his car, with a packet in his hand. SHO Prasad then got involved in a high-octane chase, and jumped into a drain to when the accused did so to evade arrest.

With the help of another person, SHO Prasad was able to apprehend the accused. The accused has since been charged with sections 394 (voluntarily causing hurt in committing robbery), 411 (dishonestly receiving stolen property) of IPC.

The Facts of the Matter

Cops across the nation are often met with situation where they have to give an accused a chase, and get their hands dirty to somehow apprehend a suspect. In one such situation, a Delhi-based Station House Officer literally had to get his hand dirty, as he jumped into a drain to catch an ATM thief.

The incident took place near Pradhan Enclave in Delhi’s Burari area and the accused in the matter was identified as Arjun. Meanwhile, the brave SHO who gave the accused a long chase was identified as SHO Prasad.

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Accused Tries to Break Into ATM

It so happened that on the wee hours of Saturday morning, the accused tried to break into an ATM in Pradhan Enclave. The accused first covered the CCTV with a black tape, and then went on to dismount it. Within minutes of him trying to break into the ATM, an e-surveillance team in Navi Mumbai received an alert of the tampering.

Authorities Send Alert

The team then alerted the night checking officer stationed in Delhi’s North District area, who in turn, alerted SHO Prasad. Meanwhile, SHO Prasad, who was anyway on night patrol, drove fast and rushed to the spot so as to nab the accused.

When he reached the spot, he found a man running towards his patrol car, with a helmet on and a packet in his hand. Already alerted about something gone awry, the SHO asked the patrol car driver to block the accused.

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Accused Jumps Into Drain, Cop Jumps With him

However, the man ran away and jumped into a drain. SHO Prasad left his car and gave the accused a chase, going as far as jumping into the drain and catching the accused’s leg. With the help of the patrol car driver, the SHO overpowered the accused and arrested him.

During investigation, the cop found a camera in Arjun’s possession. The accused told cops that when the ATM siren went off, he decided to flee, and chose to carry the ATM camera with him.

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The Arrest

The accused has been arrested earlier as a preventive measure, and has been found to have drug abuse issues. He has since been arrested under multiple sections of IPC, including Section 394 (Voluntarily causing hurt in committing robbery), Section 411 (Dishonestly receiving stolen property), Section 186 (Obstructing public servant), 354 (Assault or criminal force to deter public servant from discharge of his duty).


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