A split-second decision by an off-duty Delhi policeman saved the day and prevented two thieves from getting away after snatching a woman’s purse in a busy market area. The daring act was captured on CCTV camera and has since gone viral on social media, earning the cop praise for his quick thinking and selfless action.

Cop Risks Own Safety to Stop Fleeing Thieves

The incident occurred on Monday evening around 5:10pm in the Model Town market area when Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Ajay Jha of the Delhi Police Communications Wing was off-duty shopping for groceries. As Jha was making his purchases, he suddenly heard shouts of “chor chor!” (thieves, thieves) and saw people running after two men speeding away on a scooter. Realizing a crime was taking place, the off-duty cop pursued the thieves himself as they drove through the crowded market, hoping to stop them before they got away.

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Brave Kick Brings Scooter Crashing Down

As the scooter sped by him, ASI Jha reacted instinctively and courageously, kicking out his leg and striking the moving vehicle with full force. The impact sent the scooter crashing to the ground along with the two thieves. Jha also lost his balance from the momentum of his kick and fell down himself, fracturing his hand in the process.

However the brave action successfully stopped the criminals before they could escape the market with their stolen goods.

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Quick-Thinking Cop Lauded as Hero

The courageous effort by ASI Jha has earned him praise from both his police department and the public, who have called him a hero online. Despite being off-duty and dressed in civilian clothes, Jha’s quick thinking and selfless act prevented what could have been a successful purse snatching.

The injured policeman continued his duty after the incident, wearing a cast and sling for his fractured hand. But his bravery has not gone unrecognized. Many have commented that the police officer’s kick was perfectly timed and forceful enough to halt the speeding scooter just long enough for crowds to catch the two thieves. ASI Jha’s bold reaction and willingness to put himself in harm’s way to protect the public is an example of the Delhi Police’s commitment to fighting crime, even when off the clock.

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