A Delhi couple was arrested after it was found that the couple chopped off the body of an elderly woman in 3 parts over Rs. 1 lakh loan. The depravity of humanity knows no limits – and while some people keep the flame of humanity alive by helping out others, there are those who pay them back with gruesome violence.


It’s another day and we have another report of hair-raising crime from Delhi. The Delhi Police recently arrested a couple from Bareilly, UP for a murder. While a murder in itself is a heinous crime – the couple went below and beneath of what humanity is and had chopped the body of the elderly woman into three pieces and had dumped it in a drain. The motive? The elderly victim had allegedly asked the couple to return the Rs 1 lakh they had borrowed from her.

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Son of Victim Takes to Police

According to the police, 72-years-old Kavita Grover, was a resident of Mohan Garden in Delhi. The elderly woman lived with her son Manish and her daughter-in-law. On July 3, Manish, who works as a property dealer took to the police and told her that her mother was missing. A senior police official was quoted by the Indian Express saying-

“Manish approached police on July 3 and said that he and his wife had gone to his native village, but when they returned, Kavita was nowhere to be found.”

72-year-old Kavita Missing along with Neighbours

After the preliminary investigation, the police found out that along with 72-years-old Kavita, her neighbours were also missing. Meanwhile, Manish told the police that he has suspicion on the neighbours and speculated that they were involved in Kavita’s disappearance and alleged abduction. The police initiated the search for the missing couple after Manish’s claims.

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Neighbours traced, claimed to have taken care of victim’s brother

The police conducted surveillance and traced the neighbours who were staying at Bareilly. Upon arrest, the couple confessed to abducting and murdering the elderly woman. The couple confessed that a few months ago, they were taking care of the victim’s brother – who was a mentally challenged person and had also borrowed Rs. 1 lakh from the victim.

Victim Asks Couple to Return Money, Couple Denies

The couple also visit the elderly woman every once in a while. In one such meeting when Kavita’s son and daughter-in-law were away, she asked the couple to return her Rs. 1 lakh loan. The couple refused to pay back and claimed that the amount was their reward for taking care of her mentally challenged brother. This led to a heated argument.

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Argument Turns into Disaster, Body Chopped & Stuffed into 3 Bags

The argument turned into a disastrous altercation where the couple reportedly strangled the victim using a water pipe. The couple then chose to keep the body of the victim in a trolley bag but it felt too heavy to them. This is when the couple went one step beyond inhumane and chopped the body of the elderly woman into three pieces and kept the body pieces into 3 different bags.

The couple then took an auto and dumped the bags carrying the chopped up body pieces in the Najafgarh drain. To evade the heat from the law authorities, the couple then took refuge at their friend’s flat in Bareilly.

Delhi’s Alarming Crime Rate

The crime mentioned above is just one of the several hundred crimes the national capital witnesses on an everyday basis. It should come to no one’s surprise that Delhi – which houses the apex court – is the home of several public servants – also tops all the crime charts and shares 41% of the total crimes in India, as per NCRB’s data.