In Delhi’s Gokulpuri area, an elderly couple were brutally murdered by their daughter-in-law, and her boyfriend with whom she was in an extramarital relationship with. The accused reportedly slit the throats of the victims for the family property and made the scene appear like a robbery gone wrong. The victims in the matter were identified as Radheshyam Verma (75) and Veena (70), while the accused daughter-in-law was identified as Monica.

It was a gruesome sight that greeted authorities in northeast Delhi’s Gokulpuri area on Monday morning: an elderly couple had been found dead in their own home, their throats slit, and their residence ransacked. The family had lived in the house for 38 years, and Radhey Shyam had retired as vice-principal of a Delhi government school.

As the police investigation began, it emerged that the couple had some jewellery and Rs 4.5 lakh missing from their home. As the investigation progressed, the police revealed that the murders were not a robbery gone wrong, but a result of a family feud over the property.

The daughter-in-law, Monika Verma, was alleged to have plotted the crime with her extramarital partner and his associate, enraged at the prospect of the sale of the property. Monika and her husband Ravi had been living on the first floor of the house with their six-year-old son.

The Facts of the Matter

In the early morning hours of Monday, tragedy struck a quiet residential area in northeast Delhi, Gokulpuri area. The morning was supposed to be like any other, but it quickly turned into a nightmare when an elderly couple was found dead in their home. Radhey Shyam Verma, 72, and his wife Veena, were discovered with their throats slit and their home which was ransacked.

Sati Gautam, the couple’s niece, was devastated when she received the news from her sister in Kanpur. “I was shocked to hear and could not believe that something so gruesome could happen to them,” she was quoted saying.

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Investigation Ensues, Cash and Jewellery Found Missing

As the investigation unfolded, it became clear that this was not a random act of violence. Some jewellery and Rs 4.5 lakh were missing from the house, and Radhey Shyam had recently taken Rs 5 lakh as advance to sell the rear portion of the house.

Investigation soon took a dark turn when the police announced that they had cracked the case and that the couple’s daughter-in-law, Monika Verma, was the mastermind behind the murder.

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Daughter-in-Law was Having an Affair for Two Years

Police investigations revealed that Monika was having an extramarital affair, which had been going on for two years. The trigger for the murders seems to be Radhey Shyam’s decision to sell off the rear portion of the building. He had accepted Rs 5 lakh as advance, and this did not sit well with Monika.

Outraged at the step, Monika allegedly plotted the murder, hiring two men to execute the plan on Sunday night.

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Accused Woman hid Killers on Terrace

The murders had been brutal to say the least, and the elderly couple had no chance of defending themselves against the killers. The daughter-in-law had hidden the killers, which included her boyfriend and his accomplice, on the terrace, and they had waited there for their opportunity. They had entered the house and carried out the heinous act when the elderly couple was asleep.


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