In a shocking video gone viral, a female senior cop in Delhi was caught on CCTV repeatedly slapping her father-in-law in the presence of another cop. According to reports, the incident was reported from Delhi’s Laxmi Nagar and occurred earlier on Sunday. Following the incident’s video going viral, the sub-inspector in question was booked under multiple sections of the Indian Penal Code.

According to the 64-year-old victim in the matter, his daughter-in-law, a sub-inspector with Delhi Police, came to his residence with her mother and broke the windows. The female cop also slapped her 64-year-old father-in-law repeatedly over a court case that is going on. Further, the victim of the assault also alleged that his daughter-in-law has been harassing their family for over two years and uses her “police power” to her advantage.

The Delhi Police have taken cognizance of the incident and has booked the accused cop under Section 323 (causing hurt), section 427 (mischief causing damage) against her. Further, preventive actions against the cop have also been initiated under sections of Code of Criminal Procedure.

It should be noted that a similar incident was reported from Jabalpur where a cop brutally thrashed an elderly man at the railway station and hung him up upside down on the platform.

The Facts of the Matter

While police personnel are employed to safeguard the rights of civilians and protect them from harassment, there are incidents where cops themselves become the cause of nuisance for people. In one such incident, a sub-inspector in Delhi was seen slapping her father-in-law repeatedly in the presence of another cop.

The 64-year-old complainant mentioned that his daughter-in-law has been harassing him over an ongoing court case. On Sunday, the two parties met each other, and soon al altercation took place, which was caught on CCTV. Video of the incident was shared by news agency ANI.

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What Does the Video Show?

The minute-long video shows an elderly man raising his hand on another woman with a dupatta over her head. The sub-inspector, who is not wearing her police uniform, can be seen reacting to the elderly man and slaps him repeatedly. Meanwhile, a male cop in uniform can be seen standing as a mute spectator.

The male cop separates the two side. However, as the argument between the two sides continues, it becomes a free-for-all melee like situation with everyone raising hands on each other. The female cop meanwhile can be seen recording the other side with her smartphone.

Watch the Video here:

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Netizens React to Video of Female Cop’s Assault

Netizens on Twitter were left divided over the incident. While some lashed out on the female cop in question, others called out the elderly man who was the first one to raise his hand. Others netizens joked about the chaos that unfolded and how everyone was having at it with each other.

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Cop Booked, Action will be Taken

Meanwhile, after the video of the incident went viral, the Delhi Police took cognizance of the matter. The unidentified female cop in question has been booked under Section 323 (causing hurt) and 427 (mischief causing damage) of the Indian Penal Code.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (East) Priyanka Kashyap also told media that all the relevant details were shared to the concerned authority to take suitable action against the police official.


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