The Delhi government imposed a Night curfew from 10 pm to 5 am on 6th April 2021, till 30th April. The decision was made due to the rapid increase and surge of COVID-19 cases in India. The Chief Minister stated on Friday that ‘Delhi is surging through the fourth wave of Covid-19’.

In the last 24 hours, over 3500 COVID-19 cases and 15 deaths were recorded in Delhi. This is the fourth consecutive day that the national capital is reporting the Covid-19 cases.

India crossed all previous records of COVID-19 cases and in 24 hours it reported 103,558 cases on 5th April 2021.

In the national capital, the positive cases increased to 5.54% while 4.54% cumulative cases are recorded.

The CM stated to reporters that as per the current scenario, they are not imposing lockdown. They are only monitoring the situation and the circumstances and after that. They will take strict actions to curb the spread of the disease.

In 2021 on Sunday the cases reached 4,033 and this estimate was the highest among the previous ones. The update of Covid-19 cases shows that Delhi reported 96,982 cases and death increased to 165,547 with 446 daily mortalities.

Delhi government added that people with vaccination will have no restrictions but must carry an e-pass. After having an e-pass the shop keepers who are selling essentials such as groceries, vegetables, fruits, medicines and milk will be exempted. Even the media department are allowed to travel freely after having an e-pass.

The Delhi government stated, “there will be no restrictions on traffic movement during Night curfews”.

The professionals serving the nation like, doctors, police, nurses and paramedical members are allowed to move. The patients and pregnant women are also allowed to move with a valid document during night hours.

Even public transport is exempted during the curfew hours but with some specific rules officially stated by the Delhi government. The CM stated that these strict orders are imposed to curb the recent situation.

The health department said that people are not following the protocols seriously though this will impact the whole economy too. The Department ordered to increase the facility of ventilators and the number of beds in the hospitals.

The government has ordered that “one-third of inoculation sites in Delhi will run round-the-clock”. In order to increase the pace of vaccination, it is important to increase the timings in the vaccinations centres. The current timings of the vaccination will be from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm in the hospitals and centres.

The Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain said that ‘we are enhancing the COVID-19 management strategy to restrain the situation of Delhi’.

Maharashtra and Rajasthan have already imposed weekend lockdown and night curfew to curb from the COVID-19.

With the current adverse situation, the Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan is scheduling meeting with the 11 states in which the cases are rapidly increasing. This conference will also schedule a meeting for other states CM and UT’s Head with PM Narendra Modi to discuss the methods to restrain the impact of COVID-19 from India.