In another incident of horrific crime against women reported from Delhi, a woman was brutally beaten up by a man and forcibly pushed into a car on the busy road of Mangolpuri area. While the onlookers chose not to intervene or come to the aid of the girl, they captured the entire incident on camera, following which, an investigation was initiated in the matter.

The shocking video that has caused a public uproar shows a man brutally beating a defenseless woman and then forcibly shoving her into a car. The man can be seen repeatedly striking the woman with great force, causing her to back off and not being able to resist. Before the woman could leave the car or make a run for it, another man appears and enters the car’s backseat area, and closes the passenger side door.

Authorities have identified the car as belonging to Ratan Vihar in Gurugram and have since traced the vehicle and driver involved in the altercation. According to reports, two boys and a girl had booked a ride from Rohini to Vikaspuri via Uber. However, an argument broke out between them during the journey, which quickly escalated into a scuffle.

As investigation continues, DCW Chief Swati Maliwal recently took to Twitter, and assured action against the accused.

The Facts of the Matter

Women in India continue to be subjected to horrific acts of violence, assault, and sexual abuse, with incidents of such nature on the rise in recent times. The capital city of Delhi has been one of the hotspots of such crimes, with a staggering 14,775 cases of rape and 29,423 cases of assault against women being reported in 2019 alone, according to the National Crime Records Bureau.

The latest incident, where a man was seen brutally beating and forcing a woman into a car near the Mangolpuri flyover in Delhi, has once again brought the issue to the forefront of public discourse and raised serious questions about the safety of women in India.

According to reports, the incident took place in Delhi’s Mangolpuri area, and the onlookers on road managed to capture the incident on camera, visuals of which are gone viral.

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What Does the Video Show?

(Discretion Advised)

The video, which has been spreading like wildfire on social media, captures a scene of pure horror and brutality. The man, his eyes filled with rage and fury, can be seen aggressively grabbing the woman by her collar.

The woman tries to resist, but her efforts are futile in the face of his overwhelming strength. He shoves her inside the car with a savage push, causing her to fall backwards onto the seat. In a display of complete disregard for her well-being, the man nonchalantly takes his seat in the front of the car, while another man then enters the vehicle, taking a seat beside the helpless victim.

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Watch the Video here

(Discretion Advised)

Investigation Ensues, Shocking Revelations Made

Several teams were hastily assembled to investigate the heinous incident, with the cab owner being swiftly identified as a resident of Gurugram. An investigative team was dispatched to the area to ascertain further details about the shocking incident.

As the investigation progressed, it was determined that the cab had been booked through the popular ride-hailing service Uber by two boys and one girl, who had embarked on a journey from Rohini to Vikaspuri. However, things took a violent turn as an altercation and scuffle broke out during the trip, ultimately resulting in the disturbing scene captured on video.

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DCW Chief Assures Action Against Perpetrators

While further investigation is on in the incident, Delhi Commission for Women chief Swati Maliwal took to Twitter and wrote – “Taking cognizance of this viral video of a woman being forced into a vehicle and beaten up, I am issuing a notice to the Delhi Police. The commission will ensure strict action against these people.”


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