In a harrowing incident reported from Delhi, a Palam-resident killed his grandmother, parents, & sister after coming back from rehab following a dispute over his addiction related issues. The accused in the matter has been identified as 25-year-old Keshav. The deceased victims were identified as grandmother Deewano Devi (75), father Dinesh Kumar (42), mother Darshan Saini and sister Urvashi (22).

The incident came to the fore after the neighbours were alerted by screams coming from the house sometime around 10.30 pm earlier on Tuesday. A TOI report quoted police giving more details about the matter – “Around 10:30pm on Tuesday, a call was received in PS Palam stating ‘a sound of screaming coming from the upper floor’. Upon reaching the spot, PCR staff found four family members of the accused dead in their house.”

Further, Kuldeep, a relative of the deceased and the accused, spoke to ANI about his last interaction with the family. Kuldeep said that he heard his cousin Urvashi screaming for help. When he went upstairs and knocked the door, Keshav screamed from outside the home and told everyone to stay away as it was a “family matter”.

The accused has been so far found to be a drug addict, who was sent to a rehabilitation centre a few days ago.

The Facts of the Matter

Earlier in May 2022, during an interview with the local media, Hyderabad Commissioner of Police C.V. Anand mentioned that there are around 10 crore Indians addicted to various narcotic substances. The menace of drugs is running rampant in the country, with Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra & Bihar topping the infamous list.

In another shocking incident of drug menace and its consequences, four people were brutally murdered in the national capital by their drug addict family member. The incident occurred earlier on Tuesday and the accused, identified as Keshav, has been arrested.

The incident occurred in Palam area of Delhi.

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Neighbours Hear Screams, Alert Cops

Earlier on Tuesday, the neighbours of the family were alerted after they heard screams coming from the house sometime around 10.30. They quickly alerted the cops, who deployed a PCR team to check in on the disturbance. When the cops arrived at the scene, they found the victims lying in the pool of their own blood.

Victims Include Grandma, Sister, Parents

The victims of the horrific killing by the drug addict include grandmother Deewano Devi (75), father Dinesh Kumar (42), mother Darshan Saini (40), and sister Uravashi (22). Following the incident, an ANI report quoted Kuldeep, a family relative, giving more details of the crime.

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Relative Gives Further Details

“I returned home around 9.15-9.30pm. 10 minutes later, I heard my cousin Urvashi scream for help. I went upstairs and knocked on the door. We tried to break it open. My cousin Keshav called us out from inside and told us to go away, saying it is a family matter,” Kuldeep was quoted saying.

“I called up my uncle & Police. When they came, tried to break open the door. Amid this, I heard someone jump down. I ran downstairs & saw my cousin Keshav trying to escape on a scooty. I caught him and handed him over to Police. We discovered that he has murdered them,” he added.

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Accused Unemployed, Booked for Murder

As per the cops, the accused is unemployed and lived with his family members. Being a drug addict, his family sent him to a rehab centre. Upon returning from the rehab centre, the accused had a dispute with the family when they told him to mend his ways.

The accused has been booked under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code and further investigation is on in the matter.


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