In a horrific incident reported from Delhi, a man killed his wife over not being served dinner, slept next to her corpse the whole night, and fled with Rs. 40,000 cash in the morning. The incident was reported from Delhi’s Fatehpur Beri area and occurred earlier on Thursday, the police said. The accused was identified as 47-year-old Vinod Kumar Dubey while the victim was identified as Sonali.

Earlier on Friday morning, the police received a call informing that a man has beaten up his 39-year-old wife and killed her by smothering her with a pillow. Based on the information, the police made further inquiries with the caller and got details about the location.

After the accused was arrested, he gave a hair-raising confession about the cold-blooded murder he committed. As per his confession, the accused and his wife were drinking alcohol together on Thursday evening. Later in the evening, the accused asked his wife to prepare dinner for him, to which she refused.

Infuriated by her wife’s refusal, the accused had an heated argument with her. The argument escalated when the accused’s wife slapped him. Angered by his wife’s action, the accused took a pillow and smothered his wife to death.

The accused was trying to flee Delhi before his arrest.

The Facts of the Matter

Alcohol, drugs, infidelity, property disputes – these are just some of the catalysts that are common across all crime scenes. However, when looked deeply, its often some untapped emotions like rage, jealousy, insecurities, that can cause a person to change lane from a normal life to that of a life of criminal.

Recently a man in Delhi killed his wife over not serving dinner to him and later slept with her corpse, assuming that she was alive.

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Meet the Accused and the Victim

The accused, Vinod Kumar Dubey (47) murdered his wife by smothering her with a pillow following a heated argument. The victim was identified as Sonali (39). The accused then went on to spend the night by sleeping next to his wife’s corpse, not realizing that she was dead. On realizing that his wife was dead, the man then stole over Rs. 40,000 and tried to flee the national capital.

Bottles of Alcohol, Bloodstained Pillow Found

A Sultanpur resident, the accused was arrested by the police with a bag containing his possessions, two bottles of alcohol, and a pillow with bloodstains all over it. The matter came to the fore after the police received an alert earlier on Friday morning about man murdering his wife.

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How the Accused was Arrested

The police gathered more information from the tip-off caller. Swinging into action, the police successfully traced the location of the accused and he was immediately arrested. Following arrest, the accused gave a chilling account of what transpired on the fateful evening when he murdered his wife.

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The Night of Crime

The accused told police that on Thursday evening, he and his wife were drinking alcohol together. Later in the night, the accused asked his wife for dinner, which she refused. The denial led to a heated argument between the couple where the wife even raised her hand on the husband and slapped him.

Infuriated with the refusal of food, and being slapped, the accused got his rage take over him. In a fit of rage, the accused smothered his wife with pillow and killed him in the act. Initially the man didn’t know that he had truly killed his wife, and thus, slept next to her corpse.

On realizing what he had done, the man decided to flee the city with cash.


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