A female cop traveling in Delhi metro recently broke out a scuffle between other women passengers. The Delhi metro scuffle incident came to the fore after a Reddit user took to the popular content aggregation platform and shared its video with the caption – ‘Two Women fight in Delhi Metro’. The incident comes just months after a similar altercation was reported from a Delhi metro, where a couple were seen arguing, and a woman slapped the man during the argument.

In the most recent video which surfaced on Reddit, two women were seen engaging in a verbal spat and shouting at each other. While one woman can be seen saying in Hindi that she is the daughter of a judge, and would take her revenge, the other simply tries to defend herself by saying that she didn’t instigate the other woman.

Meanwhile, a female cop, who appears to also be in the train as a passenger, intervenes and tries to break the fight. The cop tries to pacify the two women, by urging them to speak respectfully with each other instead of engaging in a scuffle.

The undated incident has been garnering various kinds of reactions on Reddit. It is not clear as to when the incident took place and how it ended.

The Facts of the Matter

Scuffles in metro are more common than one would imagine. In a closed space, when emotions are intense, and no authorities can intervene, commuters often take the liberty of bringing out their most toxic and shameful side. While some scuffles occur due to some legitimate reasons, others are simply triggered out of trivial reason.

In one such incident reported from Delhi, two passengers in the Delhi metro decided to engage in a scuffle, which was thankfully broken up by a female cop who was also traveling in the metro. The incident was brought to the fore thanks to a Reddit user, who shared it on the platform.

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What Does the Video Show?

The video shows two women engaged in a scuffle in the metro. One woman can be seen grabbing the other one by her clothes. Meanwhile, other woman can be seen shouting and retaliating. Other commuters simply witness the dramatic incident. Meanwhile, one of the woman shouts that she is a judge’s daughter and won’t spare the other woman. The other woman meanwhile tries to defend herself.

Out of nowhere, a female cop enters the scene and tries to contain the scuffle. The cop tries to tell both the sides to get off the metro and resolve the matter there. She also asks the women to resolve the matter without being physical with each other.

Watch the Video here:

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Women Argue in Delhi Metro Over Seat

Earlier in August 2022, another incident of an argument in metro surfaced on social media. The video of the incident showed two women arguing with each other over the seating arrangement. While one of the women can be seen sitting on the seat, the other struggles to sit herself on the vacant space, and soon, the drama ensues.


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