In a major drug bust of epic proportions, the Delhi Police seized a whopping 350 kg of heroin that is worth Rs. 2,500 crores. Further, links to Kashmir-Afghanistan have been established from the initial investigation. The drug bust comes a few days after officials intercepted around 283 kg of heroin that was worth Rs. 2,000 crores that was smuggled into Mumbai.


The New Delhi Police’s Special Cell arrested 4 individuals that were allegedly involved in the drug trafficking world. Not only did the police officials make the crucial arrest, they also went on to seize over 350-kg of heroin that’s worth Rs. 2,500 crores as per international market standards. This is one of the biggest drug rackets that the Indian police have busted.

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“1 accused Afghani, 1 from Punjab, 1 from Kashmir”: Delhi Police

The Delhi Police’s statement, as quoted by TimesNow read-

“It’s a major achievement in our effort against international drug traffickers. We have seized 354 kgs. One of the four arrested accused is an Afghan national. One of from Punjab and one from Kashmir.”

Drugs supplied from Iran Port to Afghanistan to Mumbai

According to Neeraj Thakur, Special Commissioner of Police (CP), Neeraj Thakur claimed that the drugs were “supplied in legitimate export material”. The shipment full of drugs was supplied from the Iran Port to Afghanistan, and then travelled to Mumbai. The special commissioner also claimed that the 4 arrested also made a factory in Madhya Pradesh of a makeshift kind. “Their Faridabad location was also busted,” the CP added.

MP Based Factory also Busted

As per an India Today report, the CP also said-

“The drugs were to be further processed at a factory near Shivpuri in Madhya Pradesh. A house was rented in Faridabad to hide them. The link operator was sitting in Afghanistan,”

he said.

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Drugs Worth Rs. 2,000 Crores Busted in Mumbai Sea

The news of the major bust comes a few days after the Mumbai officials intercepted a consignment of heroine that was travelling from Iran to Mumbai from the sea. The drug bust was also significant in nature as the heroin was claimed to have been weighing 283 kg and was worth Rs. 2000 crores as per the international market.

After investigation, it was revealed that the drug consignment was to be shipped to Punjab from Mumbai’s Jawaharlal Nehru Port by road. One thing common about the drug bust in Mumbai and the drug bust in Delhi is that both the busts had drug shipments that were meant to be sent to Mumbai.

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Drugs Hidden in Talcum Stone Containers

In the Mumbai bust, Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) claimed that the heroin was hidden in containers that were carrying talcum stones. In that case, a supplier was arrested who was from Punjab’s Taran Tarn district along with 2 others who were cited to be from Madhya Pradesh.

Lately, the NCB (Narcotics Control Bureau) have been tightening the noose around activities related to the distribution and consumption of illegal drugs. In June this year, the NCB had busted another drug operation – the only difference with this was – it was active and functional through darknet and online pharmaceutical platforms.

This operation led to a seizure of 22 lakhs of psychotropic tablets, 245 kg of psychotropic drugs and about 70,000 CBCS (codeine-based cough syrups).