A Delhi-based security guard recently foiled a bike robbery attempt. The guard closed his society’s gate just in the nick of time as the robbers on motorcycle were trying to speed through the security gate. The robbers had allegedly stolen a courier delivery staff’s bike and were almost successful in their motorcycle theft. However, the presence of mind of security guard made him a hero.

CCTV footage of the incident showed the camera focused on the main gate of the society. Suddenly, all hell breaks loose as the security guard turns around and tries to close the gate as soon as possible. Within moments we see the cause of his quick thinking as two men can be seen speeding and attempting to rush out of the society.

The men on the motorcycle rammed right at the center of the society gate. Furthermore, as they were caught right at the moment when the society gate was being closed, they tumbled off it and fell on the road.

While one of the accused was caught by the residents right at the moment, other somehow managed to escape. He too however did not stay free for long, as locals found him hiding in a park nearby.

A team of police arrived at the scene after an alert was raised.

The Facts of the Matter

In Delhi, a security-guard became hero for foiling a bike robbery attempt by using his quick thinking and reflexes when the moment called for it. The man’s actions were caught on cam, visuals of which, are making rounds of social media.

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Accused Posed as Municipal Officers

According to an NDTV report, the incident occurred in Delhi’s Kalkaji Extension at a residential society named Everest Apartments.

Earlier on the day of incident, two men came to the society, and posed as municipal officials and told residents that they had come for an inspection.

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Delivery Agent Leaves Keys in Ignition

Sometime around 2 pm, the accused spotted an opportunity to commit a robbery. The accused got their eyes locked on a courier delivery staffer who had made the mistake of leaving his key in the ignition of the motorcycle.

The delivery agent had already left his motorcycle and had rung a doorbell to deliver the parcel. This was when the two accused rushed, and jumped on the vehicle.

The bike owner, shocked to find two unknown men on his bike, shouted in alarm.

Hero Watchman Intervenes

This alerted the watchman, who was on the main gate of the society. The security guard took a moment to adjust to the situation, and seeing that the robbers were gunning the motorcycle, he rushed to close the main gate.

Before the accused robbers could flee the scene, the security guard managed to close the main gate. However, the accused were speeding the bike to such a degree that when they rammed into the main gate, the impact was such that they both fell on the road outside the main gate.

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Both Accused Nabbed

Soon, the locals gathered and nabbed one of the accused. Meanwhile, another accused somehow managed to flee. However, he too was captured by locals from neighbouring park, as he was trying to blend in with joggers.

Subsequently, a team of Delhi police rushed to the society after an alert was raised.

Watch the Video here:


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