A few months after the incident of a Lucknow woman slapping a cabbie for 22 times triggered an outrage, a similar incident has surfaced. A Delhi woman brutally thrashed an auto driver recently. The viral video showed the woman punching and slapping him while holding the auto driver from his uniform collar.

According to reports, the woman was furious on the auto driver as he hadn’t allowed him to pass on a road congested due to traffic. The incident was reported from Patel Nagar locality. Surprisingly, when the auto-driver, who didn’t raise his arm once on the woman, claimed he would take police action, the woman became even more enraged.


A recent study involved 1000 married men from the age group of 21-49 in Haryana. In the study it was revealed that as 52.4% of the males experienced violence that was gender based. Further, 51.5 males experienced violence from their wives or partners in their life time.

While it is true that women have for the longest time been on the receiving end of gender-based violence and harassment, men too have faced the same issues. What makes it even more challenging for men across the nation get laughed or mocked when they complaint on gender-based violence.

As important as it is for us to raise our voices against gender-based violence endured by women, it’s equally important we take gender-based violence against men seriously.

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The Facts of the Matter

Recently a video of a woman brutally thrashing an auto driver has been evoking strong response by netizens. While some are condemning the act, others are claiming that legal action must be taken against the woman.

The video was reportedly shot on the street of the Patel Nagar locality in Delhi. According to reports, the woman reacted violently after the auto driver didn’t let her two-wheeler pass on an already congested street.

What Does the Video Show?

In the video gone viral, a woman dressed in a blue t-shirt can be seen holding an auto driver by his uniform collar. From the beginning of the video, the woman can be seen slapping and punching the auto driver. Meanwhile, several onlookers try to stop the woman from her unruly and violent behaviour.

The woman refuses to let the auto driver go and continues with her thrashing. The man continues to take the violence and doesn’t raise his hands. A man can be heard telling the woman that police action will be taken against her. This infuriates the woman further and she hits the man even more violently than before.

The woman can also be heard abusing people who are present at the spot and with maliciousness say that she is doing “gundagardi”.

Watch the Video Here:

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Netizens React to Woman Slapping Auto Driver

The video has received 6.4 thousand views with hundreds of people retweeting it and commenting on it.

A netizen said that the police should take suo moto congizance of the incident.

Another person commented that if the woman wasn’t stopped by onlookers, what would have she done to the man.

Other comments on the video were similar in nature with people appealing the police to take action against the woman.

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Incident Reported After the “Lucknow Woman Slapping” Incident

The incident happened after a woman in Lucknow, identified as Priyadarshini was trending across social media for all the wrong reasons. Several videos of Priyadarshini went viral where she was seen slapping a cabbie relentlessly. The woman was hitting the man on the cross section of the city with several onlookers and cars driving by.

An FIR was lodged against the accused. When she was asked by news media on her behaviour, she played the innocent card. She also went on to say that the man should’ve been hit more. The woman claimed that the man could’ve run over her and asked if her life was “cheap”.

Meanwhile, the CCTV footage showed her crossing the road which was filled with traveling vehicles.