In a distressing news, a Delhi based YouTuber Himanshi Gandhi jumped off to death from Signature Bridge. The CCTV caught her in the act and the resulting footage is both tragic and hair raising. While the cause of Gandhi taking such a huge step has not been ascertained yet, reports are claiming that she had an argument with her friends prior to committing the act. It should be noted that Gandhi was reported missing on June 24.


24-year-old Himanshi Gandhi’s body was found in the Yamuna River that flows beneath the Signature Bridge. Allegedly, Gandhi had jumped off from the bridge earlier this week. It should be noted that Gandhi was reported missing and a missing complaint was lodged by her father earlier on June 24.

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From the Eyes of the Cam

In a video sourced by News18, Himanshi makes an appearance at 00:22. She is first seen holding on to the bridge’s railing. After a few seconds of distress and contemplation, Himanshi abruptly lowers herself to the last gap in the railing and evidently throws herself into the river below.

YouTuber Himanshi had opened a New Cafe

The development can be traced back to June 24, when Himanshi Gandhi – a Delhi based YouTuber was missing. The missing girl’s father, Lavesh Gandhi had taken the police station to lodge a missing complaint. A senior police officer, who’s involved in the investigation claimed that Lavesh had informed the police that Himanshi had gone to Delhi’s Vijay Nagar area where she and her friends had opened a new café. Apparently, it was her first day at her own café.

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Friends call Himanshi’s mother after a heated argument

The same day, Himanshi’s mother received a call from Ayush, a friend of Himanshi, who informed that due to a heated argument, Himanshi had left the café and had not been receiving any of their calls following the argument. Himanshi’s phone was also found unreachable, claimed the police officer.

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Dead body found in Yamuna River

After the complaint, the Delhi Police initiated an investigation and started looking for her. On June 25, the Delhi Police found a body of a woman in the Yamuna River. After the body was taken to the mortuary, Himanshi’s family members were called and they identified her corpse.

CCTV footage shows Himanshi jumping from Signature Bridge

According to the police officer, a CCTV footage revealed the whereabouts of Himanshi during her final moments. She was last seen at 3:30 PM on June 24 on the bridge. The footage showed Himanshi trying to climb the bridge’s railing, only failing to do so. After the failed attempt, Himanshi was recorded by the CCTV, climbing the gaps of the railing and leaping from the bridge to her death.

Currently, the police is awaiting the autopsy report and investigation is currently undergoing.

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Himanshi’s WhatsApp Chat Surfaces, ‘Ayush’ responsible for suicide

Recently, WhatsApp chat has emerged in which Himanshi was blaming a person named Ayush and others for the final step of suicide that she was about to take. In the chat, as reported by ETV Bharat, she claims that she has been unwell and yet has been on the receiving end of bad behaviour.

She then goes on to say that she’s leaving, and it is the last time that anyone ever sees her. She plainly writes that she is going to end her life and the person responsible for this is Ayush. The last message from the WhatsApp chat is Himanshi telling the other person to let Ayush know that Himanshi is dead.

whatsapp chat surfaced himanshi gandhi

WhatsApp Chat Surfaced | Image Credit:

Other cases of suicides of Social Media Influencers and Actors

While the life of social media influencers and YouTubers may seem dazzling from the outside, cases such as these are harrowing evidences of the fact that not all that glitters is gold. Earlier in February this year, 22-year-old Sameer Manish Gaikwad, who was a celebrity on TikTok and Instagram, took his life. Sameer was found dead at his residence. Although he was rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment, he was called out dead on arrival. Sameer left no suicide note, which added mystery to his death.

In 2020, the death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput shook the nation and a major wave of sorrow had swept the nation. Circumstances around Sushant’s death pointed that his death was a case of suicide. However, over the next few months, several news platforms pointed fingers on his girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty and claimed that she had conspired to murder the late actor.