In a bid to go viral, Delhi-based YouTuber Joravar Singh Kalsi reenacted a scene from ‘Farzi’ show and threw money from a moving car. In the clip, the YouTuber, Joravar Singh Kalsi, and his friend, Gurpeet Singh, can be seen driving on Golf Course Road and throwing currency notes from the boot of the car while mouthing dialogues from the Shahid Kapoor starring web-series ‘Farzi’.

The police were alerted to the matter after the video clip surfaced on social media. The clip showed two people moving in a car on Golf Course Road and recreating a scene from the web show without any permission or safety measures in place. In the recent past, people have been recording such videos to gain popularity on social media, which can put the safety of commuters at risk and result in fatal accidents.

According to the police complaint, a police officer came across a video clip on Instagram titled ‘Paise uda Feroz’ from the account of Joravar Singh Kalsi. In the video, two men could be seen speeding and driving recklessly on Golf Course Road. One person is behind the wheel, while another could be seen opening the boot of the car and throwing currency notes on the road.

Both Joravar and his associates were arrested, and later released.

The Facts of the Matter

The quest for popularity and fame on social media has pushed people to go to extreme lengths, and in many cases, even put their lives and the lives of others at risk. A recent incident in Gurgaon is a perfect example of how people attempt to go viral by enacting dangerous stunts and reckless behavior.

Owing to the popularity of the recently released Shahid Kapoor starrer web series ‘Farzi’, a Delhi-based YouTuber Joravar Singh tried to enact a scene from the show, and put lives of commuters on road at risk.

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Joravar Singh’s Questionable Stunt

A viral video of a YouTuber and his associate recreating a scene from a Shahid Kapoor web series movie has landed the duo in trouble with the law. Joravar Singh Kalsi and his friend were seen driving in Kalsi’s Baleno car in the underpass of Golf Course road. In the video, Kalsi instructs his partner to start throwing fake currency notes out of the moving car’s boot.

Watch the Video here

Currency Notes Were Fake

An Indian Express report quoted the police’s statement regarding the incident.

“The accused said they had recorded the video clip on March 2. Joravar was driving the car and Gurpreet was throwing the fake currency notes from the boot of the car similar to a scene from a web series. Two more associates had shot the video on a motorcycle which was following them. The currency notes of denomination Rs 500 and Rs 2,000 are fake. The notes read ‘Manoranjan Bank of India’,” the statement read.

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FIR Registered, Accused Released

After the incident’s video went viral, an FIR was registered against the accused under multiple sections of IPC, including Section 279 (Rash driving or riding on a public way), Section 336 (endangering life), and more.

As the sections were under bailable offence, the accused were released after being arrested.

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Who is Joravar Singh Kalsi, Man Behind the ‘Farzi’ Stunt

24y-year-old Joravar Singh Kalsi is a Delhi-based YouTuber and social media influencer, known for his reels and videos. With 3.51 lakh subscribers on his YouTube channel and 342K followers on Instagram, Joravar has a significant social media presence. Joravar initially gained fame by regularly posting lifestyle and lip-syncing videos on Tik Tok, where he garnered a substantial fan following.


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