Gaurav Sharma the Delhi YouTuber who made his dog “fly” was arrested on Sunday evening for filming Vrindavan’s holy site. According to reports, Sharma went inside the ‘Nidhivan Raj’ a holy place at a time when the entrance was restricted and proceeded the film the place. The YouTuber who runs and manages popular channel called Gauravzone was arrested from his Delhi based residence. Reportedly, the YouTuber had allegedly made a video at Nidhivan Raj a week or so ago. For the uninitiated, Nidhivan Raj is a holy site for Hindus where it’s believed that Lord Krishna and Radha played ‘Raas Lila’.

Earlier this year, Gaurav received flak of netizens and animal rights activists for tying his pet dog with floating balloons to record it while it ‘flies.


How far can one go for popularity? The answer to the question gets unveiled every once in a while, when influencers cross some drawn line to get attention from their fans. In the social media dominated world where likes, retweets and subscribes are social currencies, impulses get better of influencers. And thus, irreparable and irredeemable mistakes are made.

Earlier this year, 2 YouTubers who were posing as policeman to create a prank video were arrested in Uttar Pradesh. Similarly, an Indore based influencer received flak for doing a dance routine at the city’s busiest squares with traffic on all sides.

And newest in line is Gauravzone’s admin Gaurav Chopra, arrested for filming a holy site in Vrindavan.

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The Facts of the Matter

After being arrested on animal cruelty charges, YouTuber Gaurav Sharma has landed into a fresh legal soup. According to reports, the Delhi-based YouTuber filmed the ‘Nidhivan Raj’ in Vrindavan at night, a time when access is strictly restricted. The ‘Nidhivan Raj’ is a temple in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, known for being the holy place where Krishna and Radha played ‘Raas Lila’.

Gaurav Sharma Entered Vrindavan Temple With Shoes

According to reports, Gaurav Sharma and his videographers entered the holy site earlier on November 6, 2 days after the Hindu festival of Diwali. Gaurav and his team entered the temple with shoes on and further broke the law by taking a video of the place.

The YouTuber further added the video on November 9 on his channel Gauravzone that has 4.4 million subscribers as of now. The video stands deleted as of November 15, 12:30 PM.

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Priest Files Complaint, Case under IPC and IT Act Lodged

Soon the priest of the temple took cognizance in the matter and immediately filed a complaint. Gaurav has been booked under multiple sections of the Indian Penal Code and the IT Act. Case has been registered against Gaurav under Section 295 (Injuring or defiling place of worship with intent to insult the religion of any class), and Section 66 (Computer related offences) of the Information Technology Act.

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Gaurav Arrested, Sent to 14 Day Custody

On the basis of the complaint and the seriousness of the offence, Gaurav was arrested from his Delhi based residence. He was later sent to a 14-day judicial custody after confessing before the local court.

Gaurav confessed that his uncle told him about the holy site and that no one visits the place during the evening. A Times of India report quoted Gaurav saying, “I had visited my uncle’s place in Mathura on November 6. My cousin Prashant told me that there is a place in Vrindavan, where no one enters at night, as it is believed that misfortune strikes those who do so. I decided to make a video of the area and arrived at the Nidhivan around midnight with my cousin and friends and after shooting the video for 15-20 minutes, we came out.”