A devotee somehow ended up getting stuck under an elephant statue at a temple in Gujarat. The video of the devotee’s struggle, and the efforts of bystanders to free him, has since gone viral on social media. It is unclear as to when the incident happened, and it has also not been reported if and how the devotee in question got freed in the aftermath of his stuck in a rut situation.

The video of the incident has been seen over 1-lakh-eighty-thousand times on Twitter, and many netizens took to the comments section, to both express their concern, and lightly making a joke out of the devotee’s predicament, in the comment section.

The video of the incident shows a man trying his best to wriggle out of the narrow opening under an elephant statue, that he somehow ends up getting stuck in. Moments into the video, one can also see and hear the temple pandit trying to help the man to get freed from the structure. Meanwhile, bystanders in the video do what most bystanders do best – give suggestions on how the man can be freed.

As per a Free Press report, the temple in Gujarat witnesses many devotees praying tot the God and as a ritual, slide from the temple idol placed in the premises.

The Facts of the Matter

A devotee in Gujarat received a strange ‘ashirvaad’ (blessing) from the Lord after the ritual he was trying to perform went horribly wrong. In his attempt to pass thrown between the legs of an elephant statue, the devotee somehow got stuck, and had a slew of bystanders rush and come to his aide.

The entire incident was caught on camera, visuals of which are going viral on social media. The video was recently shared by a Twitter user by the name @nkk_123 and the video has been watched over one lakh times.

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What Does the Video Show?

The video of the incident shows a man stuck under an elephant’s statue at a temple. While it is not clear as to how the man got stuck, it is being reported that one of the rituals in the temple sees the devotees pass under the elephant’s statue. The man tries his best to wriggle out of the narrow space he is stuck in. However, his efforts are to no avail. Some other devotees try to aide him and somehow squeese out of the precarious position. Meanwhile, a pandit also tries to intervene and help out as other bystanders are giving suggestions as to how the man can get him out from under the statue.

Watch the Video here:

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Netizens React

Netizens were quick to react to the video. While some made light jokes on the man’s plight, others made some sarcastic digs claiming “too much worship” is never good.


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