In a heartwarming display of adapting to the times, a dholak wala in Bengaluru has started accepting tips through digital payments. This innovative move has won praise online for embracing technology to suit customer preferences.

Musician Places Phone on Dholak With QR Codes

As per a viral social media post, during a recent event, the dholak player strategically placed his smartphone on the dholak itself. The phone displayed multiple QR codes for digital payments via UPI apps. This enabled attendees who wanted to tip the talented performer but did not have cash, to instantly transfer an amount digitally.

The musician’s pragmatic solution to enable cashless tipping aligns with Bengaluru’s reputation as a technology hub. It also highlights the growing ubiquity of digital payments across income segments in India.

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Digital Tipping Ensures No Loss of Income

For dholak walas who rely heavily on tips from delighted patrons, the willingness to accept online payments is key. It ensures they do not lose out on potential income from guests who prefer cashless modes.

The comfort of band members with digital transactions also testifies to the deep penetration of UPI-based apps in metros. For skilled artists bringing joy to celebrations, tips are an important source of their total earnings. By displaying QR codes on their instruments, they are able to tap into the convenience and trust people have in digital payments today.

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Music Bands Adapting to Changing Payment Preferences

As more Indians embrace online fees and tipping, local performers and artists are also adapting accordingly. The dholak wala’s novel approach has struck a chord for aligning his payment acceptance methods with evolving consumer payment habits.

The viral social media post has highlighted how street vendors, taxi drivers, local artists, and musicians are increasingly open to accepting digital modes of payment. For them, this offers dual benefits of catering to customer conveniences and not losing out on potential business. Their openness to adapting to new technologies is empowering these entrepreneurs to thrive in the digital economy.

The innovative dholak wala has set an example of how leveraging India’s booming fintech landscape can help one stay relevant. His digital payment playbook is one that more local performers can take cues from.

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