A player, who has given his everything to the country, to his game to his team.
A player, who has been the best captain for whichever team he has played for.
A player, who has proved himself to be the best captain ever, for India.
A player, who is the only captain in international cricket to have won all three ICC trophies.

This is Mahendra Singh Dhoni for you.
But, what’s the point?

This man who struggled to perform in the match against KKR on Wednesday started getting trolled badly on social media. People asked him to retire, CSK fans started abusing him via their social handles and everything.
Just because he couldn’t perform in that very match.

Now, one more point to discuss is that CSK is the only team in IPL to have qualified for the playoffs in all the seasons they have played, so far. Just CSK, no other team has been able to pull this record. CSK has been the most successful team of the IPL. But, one bad performance from the captain and people start abusing.
And everything aside.
These ‘so-called’ fans get so frustrated when a player fails to perform that they start abusing your family, your wife, girlfriend too.
But what followed is that these people started abusing Dhoni’s 5-year-old daughter Ziva. Some people even started giving rape threats to the 5-year-old daughter of his. Rape threats to the 5-Year-old, are you serious?

She is the daughter of your hero or daughter of your ex-hero, but a 5YO old kid. What kind of sick mentality is this?
These people are openly threatening to rape a child, what kind of a right to speech is this. I think these guys should be punished.
Such social media trolls are not considered to be a criminal offense and this let go attitude boosts them to actually do something like this with some girl.
I think these people should be punished or charged in some way or the other so as to make them realize that they should not dare to talk about something like this.
This gradually leads them to actually do something like this.