An ideal ‘sunset view’ housing is going viral. Only, instead of any luxury hotel, it is proposed by the Goa Police. Goa Police issued an advertisement in the newspaper for all the party people which reads “Do drugs, win Sunset View Prison Cell”.

This happened in a mocking notice. The law enforcement agency in the state advertised its sea-facing prison cells, saying that anyone could enjoy living there for free!  Get DRUGS in Goa and win a Sunset View jail cell for free in an advertisement published in several local newspapers on Wednesday.  It is taking the internet like wildfire. Everyone is going crazy and laughing out loud on the humour Goa police have created and yet putting across a very important point. The advertisement also added lines like, “Your identity will be kept secret”.

They also added the state’s emergency helpline number, they wrote “Report at 112”. Police urged people to inform them about drug users and people involved in substance abuse. This Print advertising quickly reached the virtual world, as people started sharing pictures of it online.  Appreciating the force for the impressive post, netizens saluted the force by saying, “creativity at its best”.

According to data presented during the recently concluded Winter Session of the State Legislative Assembly, from 2018-2020, 589 drug-related cases were reported in Goa in 1089 days. And the alcoholic flavour of the season was estimated to be marijuana or grass, one of the cheapest banned drugs, accounting for 71.30 percent of the total drug bust.

According to Officer Saxena, the Goa Police is committed to crack down on the drug trade in Goa and has been taking various initiatives since the Anti-Drug Day observed on June 26th.

Talking about the viral advertising campaign, Saxena shared, it was designed in-house with the help of two design experts Aditya Chikte and Deshaj and anchored by Director General of Police Mukesh Kumar Meena.

He added that the DGP had sought to create an innovative campaign to create awareness about the issue and we will bring more such ads soon.

From Facebook to Twitter, advertising is being widely shared, earning plaudits online.


Advertising at its peak 😂. Couldn’t imagine a funnier advert than this … only in Goa 😜
Even the Goa police wants to have a piece of the tourism action 👏😂

Posted by Lyndon Alves on Tuesday, 2 March 2021


However, this is not the first time Indian police forces have offered to remain free in their bizarre posts.  Earlier, in 2019, the Narcotics wing of the Rajasthan Police went viral for a similar post when they promised to “live and eat for free at our expense!”  For drug paddlers who lost bulk of drugs.

Last year, in a bizarre post, the Nagpur police offered free stay to spammers, as they offered them grammar lessons.