There are 5 lakh trees in Indore as per the stats provided by local authorities. However, there should be at least 2 crore trees on the very land to fulfil the daily oxygen supply as well as deal with the growing population. Ask why? Read Below.

The city of Indore is populated with approximately 30 lakh people (general figures). However, government record states the population to be around 23 lakh only. In the modern era of technological advancements, human beings have advanced themselves in the field of pollution and environmental disasters as well. It has been known to us since ancient times that trees not only provide us with oxygen (the basic human fuel) but also purifies the air while holding the soil and water. 

In a world where pollution has crossed the unexpected levels, every human shall plant at least ten trees for themselves. A single tree shall provide human with his basic oxygen requirement while the other 9 shall cleanse the pollution spread in the environment by the very human.

In such a scenario where there should be at least 10 trees per human, there should be more than 2 crore trees in a city of 30 lakh individuals. However, the government of Indore city has endowed us with a piece of news that there are only 5 lakh trees in place. 

This is not only the situation of Indore. Mumbai laps the population of 1.25 crores and has only 33 lakh trees instead of  10 crores required ones. The silicon valley of India, Banglore has only up to 15 lakh trees (required 8 crore trees) on a population of 84 Lakh people. Likewise, not only metro cities but every city of India lacks in its contribution to a greener tomorrow. 

The growing pollution is not as kind as the mother nature has been to us for so long. The air pollutants and the toxicity of drinking water crossing danger marks on the health scale are an indication to the humanity that it is high time that we start to care for the mother nature for our own as well as future generation’s sake. 

Planting more and more trees will endure us with not only our basic human needs but will be a great aid to deal with the growing population and the pollution caused by them.

Every year we celebrate tens of festival, we light crackers on Diwali, we waste water on Holi, we drown plastered idles of god in water resources. This year on 5th June, celebrate the festival of World Environment Day. Go out, take a step towards nature and plant a tree with your friends and family.

Because every tree counts.