Kentucky Oncologist Finds Consistent Patterns in Near-Death Experiences

Dr. Jeffrey Long, a radiation oncologist from Kentucky, has spent over two decades researching near-death experiences (NDEs). His findings suggest that life continues after physical death.

Long defines NDEs as lucid experiences when a person is clinically dead or comatose, including sights, sounds, emotions, and interactions with other beings. Since starting the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation in 1998, Long has analyzed thousands of NDE accounts.

Common Threads Emerge From NDE Stories

While no two NDEs are identical, Long has identified several consistent elements:

  • About 45% of people report having an out-of-body experience where their consciousness hovers above their body as doctors work to revive them. Some are able to later confirm details about these resuscitation attempts.
  • Many describe being transported to another realm through a tunnel towards a bright light, where deceased loved ones greet them. Most report profound feelings of love and peace.
  • Even young children who likely haven’t been exposed to NDE lore describe similar experiences involving lights, tunnels, and life reviews.
  • In some cases, people unconscious during an NDE are able to accurately recount events their bodies didn’t witness, which others can later verify.

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No Scientific Explanation Found for NDEs

While Long approaches NDEs from a medical perspective, he has been unable to find a plausible scientific explanation for these experiences. He has explored extensive neurological research and competing theories without discovering a rational cause.

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NDE Research Makes Doctor More Compassionate

Long keeps his NDE research separate from his cancer patients. However, he says these studies have nurtured his compassion and helped him assist patients face life-threatening illnesses with greater courage.

While Long aims to maximize his patients’ healthy time on Earth, he firmly believes they will find peace after death. His decades of evidence point to life after death.

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