In an incident of shocking medical negligence, a stray dog was seen licking an injured man’s blood at an emergency ward of a hospital in Uttar Pradesh. Following the video of the incident going viral, 6 health care workers were fired for the obvious medical negligence. The incident was reported from Uttar Pradesh’s Kushinagar district, and was reported earlier on Thursday.

Earlier on Thursday evening, social media was flooded with videos of a stray dog standing near a patient lying in the pool of his own blood at the emergency ward of the Kushinagar district hospital. The dog can also be seen sniffing the pool of blood, and licking it away. The patient in question was identified as Bittu, who was rushed to the hospital after a road accident.

Videos surfacing from the hospital shed the light on decaying state of hospital infrastructure in Uttar Pradesh. Following the videos going viral, Kushinagar DM terminated six health workers. Further, a detailed explanation has been sought from the chief medical superintendent.

The incident comes weeks after another hospital in Uttar Pradesh’s Prayagraj was allegedly found supplying ‘mosambi juice’ instead of emergency platelets for patients. Further probe revealed that it was not ‘mosambi juice’ but poorly preserved platelets that was given to a patient, who eventually died due to the negligence.

The Facts of the Matter

Froom grassroot-level schools and universities, to smaller district hospitals and local health care centres in villages, Uttar Pradesh has time and time again been called out for negligence. In another such incident reported from the state’s Kushinagar district, a stray dog somehow made its way into an emergency ward of the district hospital, and was seen licking the blood of a patient lying on the floor.

The video of the incident surfaced on social media earlier on Thursday evening, following which, 6 health workers were sacked by the district management. A probe has also been ordered in the matter for the glaring case of medical negligence.

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What Does the Video Show?

The video of the incident shows a patient lying in the pool of his own blood at the hospital’s emergency ward. Not only is the patient not been put on a bed, he is not being attended to and is left on his own with his severe injuries visible in the video.

The video also shows a young stray dog that is seen sniffing the blood stains on the floor, and licking it. An emergency ward is meant to be sterile and uncompromised at all times to save patients with severe trauma injuries from getting further infections due to contamination.

Watch Video here (Discretion Advised):

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6 People Fired

Following the incident, Kushinagar district magistrate, S. Raj Lingam sacked six health workers from the hospital. “The incident tarnished the image of the district and that is why services of six health workers were terminated,” the Kushinagar DM was quoted saying.

Further, an ADM-level officer has also been appointed to probe the matter. Further Deputy Chief Minister Brajesh Pathak also condemned the incident and ordered an investigation.

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Three-Four Patients had Come At the Same Time

As per Chief medical superintendent Satendra Kumar Verma, the patient, identified as Bittu, was brought by the UP govt’s ambulance service with severe injuries to his head. Verma also said that as there were “three-four” patients that had come to the ward at the same time, the doctor and emergency ward attenders, had gone away.

Bittu, 24, was rushed to the hospital after meeting a severe accident.


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