The board examination for classes 10th and 12th have always been the most important in our Indian Education System and also in our Indian Society. These are considered to be the building blocks for the students to shape their future. These examinations have seen a lot of changes in terms of assessment criteria and patterns so as to make students fit for facing further higher education.

Though, the coming examination of 2021 is going to be registered in the books of history. So basically, the students who will be appearing for 2021 are making history. “All the best warriors!” 

Why they will be creating history? Because this is the only batch who have been through the rigorous approach of offline learning with a mix of online learnings. The manner of consuming education this year has taken a big turn. The students have faced many ups and downs while getting acquainted to this big change of switching from offline mode to online mode. To which they should be acknowledged. “Hats off kidos!” 

COVID-19 pandemic is in its second deadly wave, as they say, and is definitely going to interrupt with the coming examinations. The students who will be appearing in 2021, we know you are scared. We understand. Let me tell you, it is ok to feel the way you are feeling. 

Dear Parents, we know you are as much stressed as your kids are. But remember, we all are in this together. Things have not been in our favour somehow, so what! We can definitely turn things around. 

With experience, we are very much happy to share that while we understand the need for self-study and believe that it is important to score well, we also would like to point out that mock tests in schools, as well as coaching institutes, are as much important. 

This mock test series boosts your confidence and helps you know exactly where you stand and how much more do you need to put in your preparations. It also helps in getting to know the pattern, marks distribution, and time management that will help you finish your paper in time and with the best of your abilities.  

This year, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the fight will be between time, resources, and new rules and regulations that might follow because obviously, social distancing parameters have to be taken care of, and therefore things are now working Online

After reading this much, the nervousness in both parents and students is but natural. Almost all the schools and coachings have had their pre boards examinations done up till now and the students are now very well aware of how things are going to be this year. So, a suggestion, Practice, Practice, and Practice so that you don’t make silly errors in using technology that can cost you a lot.

We have brought to you some tips that will help you cool down and focus and give your best;

  1.  Time Management:

Ya, everyone will say this to you, “manage your time”. The question is How? Make a timetable, set yourself according to that timetable. Once you know how to juggle your time, it is going to help you the most.  

Sit with a timer, check how much you are able to solve in the span of 3 hours. Make sure while you practice you take care of presentation, coherence in answers, the relevance of material, and quick comprehension.

Don’t stress, breathe, because your confidence will take you a long way. When in doubt, just have faith in the knowledge that you have consumed and go for it. 

      2. Do Not skip Revision:

Once you have completed your paper, make sure you have time to recheck what you have written. Check whether you have left any answer for later. Check that have you written everything that you wanted to. This will help you control your anxiety and last-minute mess up.

This will also help you in boosting your confidence and make will give you peace of mind.

Add this habit while you are solving your mocks so that it becomes a habit and not a last-minute addition.

     3. Create an ambiance before you sit for study:

Creating a space that encourages you to study is very important. It helps you in accomplishing your desired target for the day. The most vital thing to take care of is keeping the distractions like social media, TV, any other thing of amusement away.

These days everything is online where you have to constantly be connected to the internet, it is your Self-control that will help you in defeating all these other distractions.

To do so, incorporate inspirations around your study area that will constantly remind you of your goals and will inspire you to study and not waste time.

     4. Eat good and exercise:

In the age of all digital things, you have to sit in front of the screen and on a chair for long hours, which is exhausting and drains you quite too much. With this, there is pressure to perform well which adds on to the burden that all of you are going. 

This is why it is important to take healthy meals and exercise. Good meals will help you in feeling nice about yourself and exercise will help you take out the exertion and irritation that creeps in, in a healthy manner. This will in turn help you feel good from within and will push you to perform better. 

     5. Talk, don’t shy away:

We all know times are tough and you all are trying to put your best foot forward. It is totally natural to feel overwhelmed. Whenever you feel low, lost, or are indulged in a lot of thoughts and you don’t feel good about it, just talk, ask for help, it is ok. 

Asking for help will not make you any less intelligent nor will it make you weak rather it is just the opposite. 

Seek advice from your elders, talk to whoever makes you comfortable. And just don’t get into unnecessary pressures. Your friends and family are always there for you, wherever you need.

Lastly, All the parents out there, don’t make your child feel that this is the end of the world. Trust them, they are doing their best. Be there for them. Have an open mind towards change. Trust us, they are as much confused as you are and they really are trying to give their best.

All the students out there, we wish you all the very best for your upcoming examination.