The Indian officials are of the saying that the tanks, armored elements are being withdrawn, but the army remains.

On Wednesday Chinese military announced that troops engaged at the frontline from India and China have begun disbanding in a “synchronized and organized” manner from the north and south bank of Pangong Lake. These are the two sides that have been in a stand-off for months. 

On the above information, one of the official sources from Delhi shared that this is the first step in the long process of disintegration and de-escalation.

The move resumes the stalled process of disagreement between India and China over decades. This is the most disturbing military standoff in decades that resulted in the deaths of 20 Indian soldiers and an unknown number of Chinese casualties at Galvan on 15 June 2020.

A Government of India official said that this is considered as the first phase as both India and China have removed some tanks and armored elements in the South Bank, as well as the thinning of troops on the North Bank. However, the army remains in key positions.

Our Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday informed the Rajya Sabha that an agreement has been reached with China for the displacement of Pangong Lake.

He says, “India will go to Finger 3 at the DS post in the North Bank and China will go in the East direction. A similar arrangement will be made in the South Bank. The status quo will be restored.”

Mr. Singh said patrolling in Pangong’s fingertip area has been suspended until further decisions are made by military commanders on the basis of diplomatic negotiations. He further added that “we have not lost anything through this agreement.”

While briefing the House on the 10-month-long standoff with China, Mr. Singh said that China dodged troops in April 2020 in eastern Ladakh. The two sides established military and diplomatic contacts, in keeping with our efforts to restore peace and tranquility.

When Rajya Sabha Chairman Venkaiah Naidu denied the opposition’s request for an opportunity to seek clarification on the defense minister’s statement, there was a little uproar after Mr. Singh’s speech.

“It is a matter of national unity and security,” Mr. Singh replied.

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