After ISRO lost connection with Vikram Lander on Saturday night, the world came forward to extend their motivational support to the ISRO staff.PM Modi, many Indian Politicians, Indian citizens and many experts from around the world praised ISRO for their attempt. However, one country that comes last when it comes to space capabilities, had some poor comments to withhold for ISRO’s Chandrayaan-2 mission.

Pakistan’s Space and Technology Minister Fawad Chaudhary tried to criticize the work of Indian scientists with some of his very poor comments.

Here is the link to read all of his and his fellow Pakistanis tweet on ISRO’s criticism.

This was not well taken by the Indians. People showed their aggression by responding to abusive and funny tweets. However, one person, who should have a say in this regard had the most befitting reply to be made to the Pakistani Minister.

On being asked by the media about Pakistan Minister’s tweet, DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation) Chairman G Satheesh Reddy said “I don’t think the people who haven’t done anything of this class can appreciate or understand the complexity of this mission. Chandrayaan-2 is a very complex mission. This type of complex mission can be appreciated by those people who have also taken up such missions.”

Well, what DRDO chief said about competency and understanding of a complex mission is true to its core. If you are the minister of a country’s science and technology department, then you would be aware of the basic terminologies. However, this tweet suggests that Fawad Chaudhary does not even know how to spell ‘Satellite’.

Clear evidence of what would be the intellectual level of Mr Minister. Apart from this, Fawad also criticized PM Modi’s speech with his tweet. 

However, this is how an intelligent man would react to PM Modi’s speech.

“It’s a great gesture by the PM Modi. A great morale booster for ISRO scientists who saw the last-mile glitch in mission. I think, after the speech, ISRO scientists have again started working on the mission, and looking for what actually happened and how they could locate the Pragyaan Rover also,”

Not only this, but Pakistani Citizen was not seen very much happy with the tweet of their minister. This is how Pakistani citizens criticized their Space and Technology Minister Fawad Chaudhary for his poor comments on ISRO:

No matter what the situation may be between the two-nation on grounds of partition, war and years of dispute over a piece of land, many citizens of the two-nation still have a soft corner for each other. However, politicians like these spread hatred between the two nation and some citizens fall into this trap of political agenda. 

Pakistani citizen’s reply to their minister is so befitting and apt that it tells us about how many citizens in Pakistan do not have any hatred for India and Indians. They understand the value of the efforts of our country and are there to support us even after the political boundaries created by the governments.