A drunk on power BJP MLA’s daughter was recently caught on cam abusing traffic cop after flouting traffic rules in Karnataka. Earlier on Thursday, Mahadevapura BJP MLA Aravind Limbavali’s daughter was involved in a verbal scuffle after her luxury car was stopped by the traffic cops for allegedly flouting traffic rules. The woman in question abused the policemen who stopped her and also allegedly tried slapping a journalist of a regional news channel.

Reportedly, the woman stepped out of her BMW and started arguing the police. The police asked her to not speak so rudely, and the woman then asked the police why a fine was imposed on her when she was traveling in the vehicle belonging to an MLA.

When the police on the receiving end of the verbal abuse by the MLA’s daughter asked her identity, she was heard saying – “I want to go now. Don’t hold the car. You can’t put a case on me for overtaking. This is an MLA vehicle. We haven’t driven rash. My father is Aravind Limbavali,” as quoted in an India Today report.

The incident comes days after the minor son of AIMIM MLA was named an accused in the horrific Hyderabad gangrape case which had a 17-year-old girl as the victim.

The Facts of the Matter

George Orwell in his satirical novel Animal Farm wrote – “All animals are created equal but some are more equal than others”. Although law enforcement and ‘system’ is obligated to treat every citizen equally, there are times when entitlement and ‘VVIP arrogance’ of people make them act out in brash manner.

Recently, the daughter of a BJP MLA exhibited similar disposition after she was stopped by police for flouting traffic rules.

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Ruckus Erupts on Hyderabad Road

On Thursday evening, ruckus erupted near Hyderabad’s Raj Bhavan Road after a BMW, driven by the daughter of BJP MLA Aravind Limbavali, was stopped. Drunk on power, the BJP MLA’s daughter abused the cops and spoke brashly to them. She also tried to rain down slaps on the journalist of a local TV news channel who was covering the entire ordeal.

13 Cases Were Booked Against BMW

The woman in question, identified as Renuka Limbavali, sought explanation from police as to why they stopped her vehicle. She was shown that the vehicle had as many as 13 cases booked against it involving wrong parking cases, and jumping traffic signal cases.

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“This is an MLA’s Car”

A TOI report quoted Renuka exchanging words in a heated done such as – “Will you book a case for overtaking an ACP’s car? This is an MLA’s car”. After the police asked her to identify the MLA in question, she said, “Aravind Limbavali is the MLA, he is my father. Allow us to go home, you cannot book a case for overtaking,” as quoted in a TOI report.

“Send people to my home”

When she was told that her vehicle would be seized as more than three cases are pending, she was quoted saying, “You send people to my home and I will pay the fine.” Meanwhile, a journalist of local news channel also faced the wrath of the political leader’s daughter.

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Watch BJP MLA Daughter Arguing with Cops

Renuka shouts at the camera man and tries to rain punches at the camera, asking “Who are you? Shut the camera, shut it off now!”.

Netizens React to MLA Daughter’s Wrath on Road


MLA Extends ‘Apology’

Meanwhile, BJP MLA extended his apology towards media on the behalf of his daughter. Interestingly, he mentioned that his daughter addressed media as ‘sir’. “I saw the video, she addressed people from the media as ‘sir’. If the media is hurt, I apologise on behalf of her. Our family has a good track record.”

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