A US woman drove car into a police department and further drove the car down to a flight of stairs. In the end the woman put the blame on the car’s GPS and claimed that she was just following the GPS’ directions. The incident was reported from Portland, Maine, where the 26-year-old was later charged for crashing into the police department garage. While fortunately the woman did not receive a major injury, her argument did take a solid hit as the police ascertained there was a different, more plausible reason for her questionable driving.

The incident was brought to fore by the Portland Maine Police Department, who took to Facebook and shared the pictures of the vehicle, tilting dangerously down the stairs. “A 26-year-old female driver drove through the Police Department garage, across our pedestrian plaza and then tried to drive down the stairs to Middle Street. She said she was following her GPS instructions.

However, the statement later went on to reveal that the responding officers figured that the crash happened not because of the GPS but because of the “excessive blood alcohol level”. “Please don’t drink and drive,” the Portland Maine Police Department appealed in its statement.

The Facts of the Matter

Many poor or inebriated drivers blame car technology when they are into terrible accidents where they change gears inappropriately, or press the accelerator assuming it’s the brake pedal. Not only do these people put their own and others’ lives at risk, but they also fail to take learning from the matter, by blaming their poor driving on technology.

Woman Takes Blaming to New Heights, Blames GPS

A woman in US has taken this to new heights as she has blamed GPS (Global Positioning System) for making her crash into a police department, and drive down a flight of stairs in the police department garage. The incident transpired in Portland, Maine.

It was all brought to people’s attention by a social media post shared by Portland Maine Police Department’s Facebook page.

Police Shares Shocking Images of the Mishap

“A 26-year-old female driver drove through the Police Department garage, across our pedestrian plaza and then tried to drive down the stairs to Middle Street,” the post read. The police department also shared shocking pictures of blue Toyota SUV tilting dangerously on the stairs with the boot completely damaged.

Officers Find “Excessive Blood Alcohol Level”

The unidentified woman told the officers that she was “following her GPS instructions”. However, responding officers didn’t take a lot of time to ascertained that the shoddy driving was caused by her “excessive blood alcohol level”.

The statement further read, “She was issued summons for OUI”, (operating under the influence).

“We are fortunate that she didn’t strike anyone and this ended with just a small amount of property damage. Please don’t drink and drive,” the police department appealed citizens.

Netizens Rub Salt to Wounds, Come Up with Hilarious Jokes

Netizens had a day and a half, trolling the situation and taking away the seriousness of the situation to some extent. A Facebook user commented, “I’ve been very drunk before but never ‘drive through the police department’ drunk.”

“Perhaps her GPS knew she was drunk and figured it would bring her where she needed to be, rather than where she wanted to be,” commented a second Facebook user.

A few netizens also made a note about how the situation could’ve ended badly and shared that they were pleased to know that no one was hurt in the end. “I hope she gets the help she needs and soon. I’m glad no one was hurt,” read one comment, “Thank GOD no one was on the plaza or this could have been a totally different outcome”, read the other.

Canadian Woman Had Driven Into Lake, Had Blamed GPS

While such a case may seem like a one-in-a-million kind of a case, it should be noted that there have been such instances in past where technology was blamed for human folly. Earlier in May 2016, a Canadian woman ended up driving straight into a lake.

While the woman was able to open the car window and float her way to safety, the car ended up meeting the fishes at the bottom of the lake. Following the incident, the woman claimed that she expected the GPS to guide her better on the right way.


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