A Dubai couple had an extravagant gender reveal party where they unleashed a massive tiger to spark outrage. As the visuals of the bizarre gender reveal party made rounds of the internet, the couple received flak on using the majestic animal as a show-stopping object. The incident reportedly happened at a beach near the Burj Al Arab hotel, Dubai.


Gender reveal party is primarily a western concept to give the mom-and-dad-to-be a reason to cheer for the new family member they are to welcome. It’s also seen as a positive way of accepting and appreciating a new life irrespective of the gender.

However, the gender-reveal parties in an era of Instagram-competitive parents are getting more expensive and at times, dangerous. Recently, a couple in Dubai had a needlessly ostentatious gender reveal party which involved a tiger.

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The Facts of the Matter

Gender reveal party started being observed during the 2000s. The gender reveal party of the initial days involved a couple cutting a cake which had a frosting of a particular colour, indicating the gender of their child. However, what started as a harmless tradition has turned into a narcissistic and competitive form of grandiose.

Recently, a Dubai-based couple is receiving a lot of flak for using a fully grown tiger at their gender reveal party. Visuals of the event have gone viral on Twitter and Instagram and the comment section is filled with people criticizing the would-be parents for using the tiger as the prop.

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“Relax everyone”: Instagram User Shares Video, then Deletes It

While it’s still unknown who the couple is that chose to make their gender reveal party “special”, reports are claiming that the video first surfaced when a user Carlotta Cavallari shared it on Instagram. The Instagram user also added a caption which read, “Gender reveal gone wild”. She also added a “disclaimer” which read, “Tiger was not harmed and plastic was disposed of, relax everyone.”

After the Instagram user received a massive backlash, she chose to delete the post from Instagram. But the video was reshared on another Instagram page called Lovindubai.

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What the Video Showed

In the video a majestic tiger is shown walking on a beach with the famous Burj Al Arab hotel in the background. The tiger has its eyes on a few balloons that are suspended in the air. The tiger slowly approaches the balloons and aims to get it down. In one moment, the tiger stands on its hind legs and bursts the balloon.

Once the balloon bursts, a pink colour mist is in the air which signifies that the gender of the baby would be girl.

Watch the Video Here:

Since it’s upload, the video has garnered over 3.16 lakh views and hundreds of thousands of comments. The gender reveal party was an epic failure as most people rightly comment on using animals for entertainment and publicity.

It should be noted that under the Emirati laws, a wild animal’s usage in public environment attracts jail term of up to six months and a fine.