Epitomizing the idea of ‘duty above all’, an Assam based female cop arrested her fiance on fraud charges weeks ahead of their marriage. The conman in question was identified as Rana Pogag and the dedicated female cop has been identified as Junmoni Rabha, who works with Nagaon Police.

According to the FIR filed by Rabha herself, Pogag duped several people on the pretext of getting them employment with the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC). Reportedly, Pogag told his victims that he worked with ONGC and after winning their trust, defrauded them of money. Over the course of his con-run, Pogag allegedly duped people of crores of rupees.

Reportedly, the conman made the mistake of introducing himself as an ONGC officer to police officer Junmoni Rabha. After the two met, they got engaged in October 2021 and were scheduled to marry as well.

However, during the course of their relationship, sub-inspector Junmoni ascertained that Pogag duped people off. She also recovered fake documents and seals of ONGC. After realizing that her fiance was a conman, the sub-inspector was the first one to file an FIR and Pogag was soon arrested.

The Facts of the Matter

While many people hold on to the idea of family members of police officers being protected the most, a story from Assam displays the other side of it. While one may be relatively more protected if they are in the family of police officers, they may be equally vulnerable to getting arrested if they do something illegal.

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Meet Sub-Inspector Junmoni Rabha

In Assam, a female sub-inspector arrested her fiance on fraud charges just weeks before they were to get married. The female inspector proved that duty comes above all, even relationships. The conman arrested in the matter is identified as Rana Pogag and the dedicated sub-inspector has been identified as Junmoni Rabha.

How the Conman Used to Run his Con

In a surprising twist-of-fate, it was Junmoni Rabha who filed a FIR against her fiance Pogag and then made sure he got arrested. According to reports, Pogag is accused of duping numerous people of crores of rupees. He duped them off under the pretext of being with ONGC and promising a job. Pogag reportedly took money in exchange for offering a job.

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Conman Introduced Himself as ONGC PR Officer

The conman and the law-enforcement officer’s unique relationship came about when Pogag introduced himself as a PR officer from ONGC. Junmoni Rabha, who was with Nagaon police, Assam, got engaged to Pogag earlier on October 2021 and were to get married in November.

SI Realizes She is Engaged to Conman

However, before the cop could marry the conman, she learned about his cons. Sub-inspector Rabha learnt that her fiance had duped people of by promising them jobs and contracts with ONGC in exchange of money.

Moreover, the cop also found incriminating evidences against Pogag after she checked his bag. In his bag, Sub Inspector Rabha found multiple documents and fake seals of ONGC. Following the evidences and the realization, the cop herself filed an FIR with the Nagaon police and the accused was arrested recently.

Talking to the media, SI Rabha was quoted saying, “”I am grateful to the three people who came to me with information about him (Rana Pogag) on how big a fraud he is. They opened my eyes.”

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SI Rabha is True “Lady Dabangg”

It should be noted that SI Rabha has gained quite a reputation for her dedication towards her job. Earlier in January this year, she made the buzz by refusing giving favours to BJP supporters who were found to have bent the law.

During her posting at Majuli island, a telephonic conversation clip went viral in which she was heard speaking to BJP MLA Amiya Kumar Bhuyan.


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