In an incident that can be dubbed as ‘ek vivah aisa bhi’, a bride in Bihar was recently seen chasing her groom on the road after the boy allegedly refused to marry her. In the dramatic video of the incident now making rounds of social media, the bride can be seen chasing her groom in the middle of the road.

The woman can be seen running after the groom after she spotted him in the market. While the groom tries his best to flee from the scene, the woman is able to catch on and grab him. “Meri shadi karwaao”, the woman can be heard pleading, in a part strange, part heartbreaking video.

The bride’s family was quoted in reports claiming that the wedding was arranged three months ago. The family also claimed that they gave the to-be groom a sum of Rs 50,000 as dowry and a motorcycle. However, as the wedding day neared, the groom asked the bride’s family to reschedule the wedding. The groom’s family had since been giving various kinds of excuses to delay the wedding further.

Meanwhile, the police had to intervene in the matter. The cops took both the parties to a police station and counselled their families. The couple eventually got married at a temple next to the station.

The Facts of the Matter

The internet has no dearth of some absolutely shocking and bizarre videos of Indian brides and grooms before, during and after their wedding. From a bride refusing to get married at the wedding venue, to groom going as far as whacking his bride over some issue, these videos give a taste of how dramatic Indian weddings are.

However, in a recent video, the drama began way before the wedding. In an incident being reported from Bihar, a bride was seen chasing her groom on the road after he refused to marry her. The entire incident was caught on video, visuals of which are going viral.

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Bride Finds Evasive Groom in Market

The incident comes straight from Nawada, Bihar and occurred at the Bhagat Singh Chowk. The bride-to-be, was at the market with her parents when she spotted her groom-to-be who had already been extending their wedding date.

As soon as her eyes caught the sight of her groom, she ran towards him and started insisting on getting married. Seeing the commotion, the locals and bystanders gathered around the woman, who was trying to hold on to her groom, asking to get married.

‘Meri shaadi karwao’

Things escalated when the groom decided to make a run for it and tried to flee the area. The bride however, was completely focused on her mission to get married, and caught hold of him before he could disappear.

In a part-shocking, part-heartbreaking wail, the woman was hear pleading, “Meri shadi karwaao (someone get me married)”.

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Family Gave Rs 50,000, Motorcycle as Dowry

According to a Times Now report, the woman hails from Mahuli village while her groom-to-be hails from Mehkar village. Reportedly, the woman’s family had arranged her wedding with the man some three months ago. They also gave the man Rs 50,000 and a motorcycle in dowry.

However, as the wedding date neared, the man made an excuse and asked the family to reschedule it. Since then, the groom’s family had been giving various kinds of excuses to extend the date of marriage.

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Police Does Counselling, Couple Finally Married

Meanwhile, the news of ‘Ek vivah aisa bhi’ kind of situation spread wildfire and eventually the police had to intervene. The two parties and their families were taken to the Mahila thana where the cops counselled them.

In the end, both the parties came to an agreement and the woman finally tied the knot with her groom at a temple near the police station.


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