Dubbing himself the Elon Musk of Kashmir, a Kashmiri teacher has been making the buzz for inventing a solar car after eleven years of research. A math teacher working in Srinagar, Bilal Ahmed, recently made his way to Twitter, where a netizen shared pictures of him showing off his innovation.

The pictures showed a car resembling famous Back To The Future “DeLorean time machine” with multiple solar panels on places such as the bonnet, the windshield and other surfaces. With ‘butterfly doors’ adding a sense of style, and the solar panels adding value, the car is a fine balance of luxury and innovation.

Mr. Bilal has not only spent eleven years of research to turn his dream into reality, but has also invested Rs. 15 lakhs in the making of this fully-automatic solar car. From the time of making, till its completion, he didn’t receive any financial assistance from organizations or philanthropists.

“When I began the project and even after I completed it, no one provided me with any financial assistance; if I would have got the necessary support, perhaps I would have been India’s Elon Musk,” he was quoted saying.

Mr. Bilal has received appreciation from netizens. Some of the netizens compared the look of the car to the DeLorean time machine while others claimed that a solar car is the need of the hour.

The Facts of the Matter

With rising fuel prices and falling value of rupees against the dollar, an average household in India with a petrol/diesel-based car is shelling more money than ever. More and more buyers are now focusing their buying aspirations on electric vehicles. However, with the recent spate of electric vehicle accidents, buyers are still on the fence.

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Meet Bilal Ahmed – Innovator of Kashmir’s 1st Solar Car

Meanwhile, a Kashmiri teacher has emerged out of nowhere with a timely innovation – a fully-automatic solar sedan. The innovator is a math teacher by profession working in Sri Nagar, identified as Bilal Ahmed.

Taking to Twitter, a netizen shared pictures of Bilal Ahmed DeLorean time machine resembling solar car. With scissor doors, the sedan features multiple solar panels – on the bonnet, on the hood, and on the car’s roof, along with the car’s rear windshield.

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Initial Idea was Car for People with Disabilities

It all started with Mr. Bilal wanting to innovate a vehicle that’s usable for persons with disabilities. However, due to lack of finances, and knowing the fuel price rise, Mr. Bilal pivoted. Eleven years of research, and his own Rs. 15 lakhs of investment later, he has now created Kashmir’s first fully automatic solar vehicle.

How the Solar Car Works

As for how the car works, Mr. Bilal explained that the car uses monocrystalline solar panels, that generate maximum energy with relatively less amount of solar energy. Further, he explained how using monocrystalline helped him as these panels occupy lesser surface area.

Solar Car Can House Four People

Unlike most fancy sports cars that often seats two, Mr. Bilal’s innovation has the ability to house four persons. In his interview to Rising Kashmir, Mr. Bilal was quoted saying, “Cars like Mercedes, Ferrari, BMW are just a dream for a common person. Only few people are able to afford it while it remains a dream for others to drive such cars and roam in it. I thought of something to give a luxurious feel to the people.”

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Netizens Applaud Bilal Ahmed for his Innovation


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