Elon Musk, real-life Tony Stark, as addressed by his fans from around the world is an idle, a hero to many and a lot more than just a businessman in real life. Elon Musk is the owner of Tesla Motors, the company which is the leading organisation in the race of equipping the global roads with electric vehicle technology. Tesla is the advent of a new era in itself.

On the other hand, Elon is also the head of and behind the renowned space research organisation “SpaceX”. The company which is set to send the first group of people on Mars by the year 2024. This is well-known information to many. However, before the first humans set foot on Mars, Elon Musk is prone to a particular idea which sounds destructive and illogical at first but becomes legitimate and reasonable once you know the reason. 

Elon Musk believes that we should Nuke mars. It means we need to bombard the red planet with a whole lot of nuclear bombs before we set foot on the red planet. Elon says that if we ever want the human civilisation to survive, habitat and grow our future on Mars, then we need to nuke the red planet with lots of nuclear bombs.

Sounds idiotic and destructive right? Why would someone want to throw nuclear bombs on a place where they want to establish a future. Well, we must not forget that the real-life Tony Stark is the brain behind a lot of technological innovations. Tesla and SpaceX, one of the biggest technological organisations in the world, are his brainchild. So the guy must have a point.

Well, the thing is, the atmosphere of Mars is very thin. As per scientific figures, Mars has an atmosphere as thin as 0.4% that of Earth. This is like the planet has almost no atmosphere. According to Musk, if we ever want to establish a self-sustaining human civilisation on Mars, then we need to establish an atmosphere of gases on the red planet and it can be done dramatically only.

He believes that if we nuke the mars, then it is going to generate a lot of gases from the polar region of Mars. This will begin and escalate the terraforming process on the planet. As a result, with the formation of gases, the atmosphere will become denser. The process will most importantly generate CO2 which is one of the most important gases for human survival as it holds heat and helps plants in photosynthesis as well. Although we will need to bombard the planet with nuclear bombs, a lot.

Elon is so aimed at nuking the mars that he has even T-shirts designed for the same and they are up for sale as well. You can buy it online. The T-shirts read “Nuke Mars” with logos and figures of Mars as a green planet.

Elon’s idea sounds like a comic book or a cartoon movie. Well, indeed the hypothesis is criticized by many people around the globe. Scientists and Experts have claimed Musk’s idea as impractical and rubbish as for one reason, there is no amount of nuclear explosions which will be enough to generate sufficient gases which will make Mars’s atmosphere apt for human habitation.

Also, Elon’s theory fails to consider the impact of nuclear blasts, the radiation that will follow after the bombardment. Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Chernobyl have witnessed examples of what happens after a nuclear explosion or fall out take place.

However, despite receiving criticism from experts, Elon is intrigued at nuking the planet. Well whatever may be the outcome, Elon will make some tiny money out of those “Nuke Mars” t-shirts.