An embarrassing moment was recently caught on cam as a bridge in Congo collapsed during its inauguration. The video of the incident has left netizens in splits on Twitter. According to reports, a footbridge was being inaugurated by local politicians in the Democratic Republic of Congo. However, as Murphy’s Law suggests – whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.

The unthinkable happened when the footbridge was being inaugurated by a local politician dressed in a nice black coloured suit. As the main guest of the event got the scissors to cut through the ribbon, the footbridge, which no longer was able to bear the weight of the people on it, collapsed.

Thankfully, the local politician and other guests accompanying him jumped through to the other side. Meanwhile, people witnessing the entire ordeal were heard in the background laughing at the disastrous inauguration.

Twitter users did what they do best in the comments section. They brought their wits to the game and shared some rib-tickling comments. “You are welcome to Africa! The home of massive looting, cheating, embezzlement and suppression!”, a Twitter user wrote.

Recently, in Uttar Pradesh’s Bijnore district, a local MLA cracked open a small part of a newly made road while smashing the ceremonial coconut on it during inauguration.

The Facts of the Matter

Famous adage, which is often credited as Murphy’s law, suggests that “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”. Recently some citizens in Congo became a testament to the age-old adage, as a footbridge in their country collapsed right at the moment it was being inaugurated by a local politician.

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Officials Gather to Inaugurate Footbridge

The officials of Democratic Republic of Congo had gathered recently to formally inaugurate a footbridge made for locals to cross a river. The bridge was constructed for the locals for the wet months of the years, as the makeshift bridge prior to that had frequently broken down during the floods.

While the news may sound like a day-to-day affair of a developing country, what transpired next not only shocked the locals witnessing the ordeal, but netizens across the world.

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What Does the Video Show?

A group of the country’s politicians and officials climbed the narrow and dubious looking bridge for the inauguration.

By the end of the foot bridge, a red colored ceremonial ribbon was tied, which was meant to be cut by a government official. The suited-up official gets a scissors in his hands and approaches the red ribbon.

However, in no time, the footbridge started shaking. The dubious looking bridge was obviously unable to bear the weight of the officials and within moments collapsed due to the weight. The entire ordeal drew a wave of laughter from the people witnessing the incident.

Watch the Video here:

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Netizens React to Video of Congo Bridge Collapsing

Meanwhile, netizens on Twitter made a day out of the entire incident, making humorous comments, and calling out the levels of corruptions in African subcontinent.

“That guy will still have the guts to stand again in front of people and say “vote for me”.African leaders should be ashamed of themselves,” a Twitter user commented.

“That ribbon was probably holding everything together,” another Twitter user quipped.

“Would be interesting to know how much it cost to build this rubbish. Total elementary engineering design fail, first year students take note,” wrote a Twitter user.

According to reports, no immediate injuries were reported in the aftermath of the bridge’s collapse. Meanwhile, it was reported that immediate course of action was taken to rescue the people standing on the other side of the collapsed bridge, and bring them back to safety.


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