A Delta Airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing at Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina after a mechanical issue caused the plane to collide with the runway on its underside. Reports suggest the aircraft’s nose gear was not in the correct position when it arrived at the airport. The incident is currently under investigation to determine the exact cause of the emergency landing.

Emergency Landing of Delta Airlines Airplane

On Wednesday, a Boeing 717-200 aircraft carrying 96 passengers was forced to make a turbulent landing without its wheels properly down. Passengers had to grip tightly onto their seats as they were struck with fear on this journey. Thankfully, no injuries were reported, with everyone onboard – 2 pilots, 3 flight attendants and 96 customers – being evacuated safely. A video of the terrified passengers showing the anxious moments as they prepared for a potentially hazardous landing has gone viral worldwide.

Watch the Video

Caught On Cam

Incredible footage shows the inside of Boeing 717 Delta Flight 1092 as it makes an emergency landing at Charlotte Douglas International Airport earlier this morning. The plane, which touched down at 8:40AM, landed with its nose gear broken – prompting the airport to close the runway in order to facilitate the removal of the aircraft. Thankfully, all of the passengers and crew were able to safely disembark from the plane, and no injuries were reported.

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