An Emirates plane flew as long as 14 hours with a huge hole on its side. A passenger in the flight complained of hearing a ‘loud bang’ during the flight as well. The new report comes a day after a SpiceJet plane made a priority landing in Mumbai after its windshield developed a crack when it was 23,000 ft in the air. The SpiceJet mishap was the company’s sixth such incident in less than a month, causing many passengers to second-guess their choice of airline.

Earlier on July 1, an Emirates Airbus A380 departed from Dubai to Australia, and flew for fourteen hours. Only after it landed did the passengers from the flight received a massive shock, seeing a huge hole on the plane’s side. Following the incident, the said plane has not flown any passenger and has remained on the ground at the Australis’s Brisbane Airport.

Meanwhile, the airline issued a statement, claiming that the incident did not have “any impact on the fuselage, frame, or structure of the aircraft”. While no casualties or injuries were reported, some passengers did report that the incident may have occurred only after the plane took-off.

A passenger, identified as Patrick, claimed that he heard a “loud bang” 45 minutes into the flight. “There was a loud bang and I felt it through the floor as well,” he said.

The Facts of the Matter

Lately, India has been reporting multiple airline related mishaps, involving bird strikes, cabin pressurization and ending in emergency or priority landings. However, what recently transpired with an Emirates flight can truly make the most frequent fliers take a break from flying.

An Emirates plane, flying from Dubai to Australia, flew four around fourteen hours with a huge plane on its side. The gaping hole became apparent to the passengers only after the plane landed at the Brisbane airport earlier on July 1.

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Plane Continued Flying Despite Loud Noise

Earlier on July 1, the Emirates Airbus A380 flew from Dubai to Brisbane. About 45 minutes into the flight, passengers complained of hearing loud banging noise. The plane, which was hovering over the ocean, did not divert, and continued flying, only to land almost thirteen hours later in Brisbane.

Emergency Services Sought by Crew

During its approach to the Queensland Airport, the crew reached out to the ATC, seeking emergency services to be on standby. The crew suspected a tyre being blown off, and hence needed the emergency services to be on the standby.

Although the plane landed safely, passengers, crew and emergency services personnel were shocked to find a huge hole gouged in the plane’s lefthand side.

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“Felt it through floor”: Passenger Reveals

During fourty-five minutes into the flight, a passenger, identified as Patrick heard a loud bang. “There was a loud bang and I felt it through the floor as well. The cabin crew remained calm, stopped the food service and got on the phone and checked the wings, engines,” he said.

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Emirates Issues Statement

Meanwhile, the company issued a statement claiming that the flight experienced a “technical fault” which at no point “have any impact on fuselage frame or structure of the aircraft”.

“The aircraft landed safely in Brisbane and all passengers disembarked as scheduled. The fairing has been completely replaced, checked and cleared by engineers, Airbus and all relevant authorities. The safety of our passengers and crew has always been our top priority,” the statement read.


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