Users are having an emotional time as Apple announced the discontinuance of the Apple iPod after over 20 years. Apple made the inevitable announcement on Wednesday. The company informed that the latest iPod touch model will be available until supplies last.

The device that once revolutionised the music market has come to its end. This has made many netizens emotional, who took to Twitter to express their emotions.

Apple IPod as a revolutionary device

The advent of the iPod had sent tremors down the music market. Launched in the year 2001, the Apple iPod made gramophones and record-players, cassettes, and DVDs obsolete.

The world seemed to be hooked on the device that offered music on the go. It was smaller and lighter than a walkman and sleeker than a discman. Its best year came in 2008, when 55 million iPods were sold.

Several Upgrades of the Device

The original iPod was launched in 2001. It could store 1,000 songs with a 10-hour battery life. And all these amazing features came in a small 6.5-ounce package.

In 2004, it was later compacted to 3.6 ounces.

Another upgrade took place in the year 2006. The second generation iPod mini could store up to 2000 songs in a thinner device. It came in six colours with a 24-hourbattery life.

By the year 2008, an upgraded iPod was laced with a number of other features. It came with a touch feature, the colour of the screen could be changed, and it could be used to browse the web. No wonder55 million iPods were purchased that year.

Mobile Phones and the Decline of the iPod

Around the same time, mobile phones began to come with a number of features. A camera, a compass, a GPS, a voice-recorder, a calculator, a notepad, a clock, an alarm clock, a torch, a calendar, a radio, and even a mail box.

A mobile phone has killed all these devices. The iPod is the latest addition to the list of devices made obsolete by mobile phone.

The song-recorder could not survive the advent of the iPod. In the same way, an iPod, in no way, can survive in today’s streaming world.

Users Recall the Good Old Days

The announcement racked up social media platforms. Netizens began recalling the old times. Many shared emotional posts, while many shared hilarious memes.


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