The BYJU’S employee broke down in tears in a video shared on LinkedIn, begging for help from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. She explained that the company is forcing her to resign and failing to pay her salary unless she complies, despite her being the family’s only source of income and her husband being unwell.

“I was abruptly told in a meeting that I have to quit the company by July 28 or else I won’t get my salary on August 1. They’ll need around 30-35 more days. I am the only earning member in the family, my husband is unwell, I have loans to repay, how will survive if they don’t release my salary on the first?” she told in the video. She also added, “Byju’s had also promised variable pay, and I took loans for my family accordingly, but the company never paid up and now the vendors are after me. Where do I go? How will I eat?”

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