On Friday, Eutelsat Quantum, the world’s first commercial fully re-programmable satellite marked a successful launch from French Guiana on board an Ariane 5 rocket, with a vision to provide better and more reliable communication in the up-coming time.

The Launch and ESA’s Announcement

The European Space Agency (ESA) posted from its official handle a photo of the Eutelsat Quantum satellite launching. The satellite was placed in orbit some 36 minutes after the launch.

ESA said in an official release statement that-

“Eutelsat Quantum, developed under an ESA partnership project with satellite operator Eutelsat and prime manufacturer Airbus, is the first commercial fully flexible software-defined satellite in the world.”

Further adding they said that-

“Because it can be reprogrammed in orbit, it can respond to changing demands for data transmission and secure communications during its 15-year lifetime. Its beams can be directed again to move in almost real-time to provide information to passenger’s on-board moving ships or planes.”

Check the tweet here

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About fully re-programmable satellite

Different from conventional models that are designed and “hard-wired” on Earth and cannot be used again in orbit, the Eutelsat Quantum allows users to adjust the communications to their needs and just like almost in real-time.

According to the European Space Agency, It can be reprogrammed while orbiting in a fixed position 35,000 kilometres (22,000 miles) above the Earth; the Quantum can respond to changing demands for data transmission and secure communications during its 15-year lifetime.

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Eutelsat Quantum’s Communication Beams to Provide Mobile Coverage

1. The Quantum model has eight communications beams, each of which can be customised to change its area of coverage and also the power of the telecommunications signal which it radiates.

2. According to Eutelsat, using software made available to the customer, these changes can be made in a short span of time.

This means the satellite can be used to provide mobile coverage for moving objects such as aircraft or oceangoing vessels or to provide coverage after a natural disaster or for one-off events.

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Satellite Supposed to Keep an Eye on Malicious Content

As the prime concern of digital security is rising day by day as the technology is advancing every minute, Quantum is able to detect the origin of signals emitted with or without malicious intent and take action to remedy the interference. The Quantum will cover a large geographical area from West Africa to Asia for a period of 15 years.

Brief About Eutelsat Communications

Eutelsat Communications, founded in 1977, is one of the world’s leading satellite operators. Eutelsat enables clients across Video, Data, Government, Fixed and Mobile Broadband markets to communicate effectively to their customers, even if they are at any location.

Around 7,000 television channels operated by leading media groups are broadcast by Eutelsat to one billion viewers equipped for DTH reception or connected to terrestrial networks.